Is it just bought for sexy underwear?

Is it just bought for sexy underwear?

Is the sexy lingerie just bought it?

After buying sexy underwear, many people can’t wait to put on them first.But is this expected?Does the newly purchased sexy underwear need to be washed or cleaned?The following is the knowledge of sexy underwear you need to know.

1. Whether the underwear manufacturer has completed cleaning

The fun underwear you buy may have gone through a series of cleaning process, and the manufacturer has optimized the production process to ensure its cleanliness and sanitary standards.This means that you can use new underwear without having to make any special cleaning or washing.

2. The possibility of contraction of cellulose materials

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However, if the sexy underwear you chose when you buy is made of cellulose material, you need to pay special attention.Because cellulose materials are risk of shrinking, if they have not been washed and treated, in the process of subsequent wear and use, it will cause sexy underwear to appear unsuitable color and size.

3. Remains of chemicals

On the other hand, some manufacturers may use chemicals and additives in the production process of sexy underwear, and these chemicals may remain on your underwear.In order to avoid possible allergies or skin reactions, it is recommended to completely wash the sex underwear before wearing it.

4. Make sure the underwear is cleaned

When you decide to clean the newly purchased sexy underwear, be sure to follow the correct cleaning steps.First, understand the material and washing instructions of the sexy underwear to prevent any fiber of any damage or damage to the sexy underwear.Secondly, use a mild detergent, wash or follow the label instructions.

5. Avoid the use of soft agents

During the cleaning process, avoid the use of soft agents, because they may remain in underwear, causing problems such as skin discomfort or allergies.Moreover, the fun underwear itself does not require too much softness or drying agent, because they will destroy certain fiber materials and shorten the life of sexy underwear.

6. drying after cleaning

Please make sure that the sexy underwear is dry and dry after cleaning to avoid sun exposure or high temperature drying.In addition, do not place sexy underwear in a small space, such as cabinets or drawers, because these places may cause mold growth or not suitable for fibrous materials.


7. Don’t forget to use a washing bag

During the washing process, it is best to place sexy underwear in a dedicated washing bag to protect the fiber network in the sexy underwear is not disturbed or damaged by other clothes.

8. Pay attention to the adjustment of underwear

In addition to cleaning, underwear adjustments are also very important.Wear the newly purchased sexy underwear for the first time, confirm the comfort and suitableness of the underwear, and adjust slightly to ensure that they will be as suitable for your body as much as possible.

9. Remove the label

Finally, if you plan to keep the label in sexy underwear, please make sure to cut the label to avoid any unnecessary discomfort to you during the subsequent dressing and use.

10. My point of view

Although your sexy underwear may be used directly, it is not too much for the complete cleaning process of sexy underwear for the above reasons.In the case, even if you follow the correct cleaning steps, the fiber material of sex underwear may still have unsuitable contraction to reduce its service life.Therefore, I suggest that after buying a sexy underwear, it is best to clean it to ensure that it is completely clean and suitable.