Should I sell clothing categories in sex underwear?

Should I sell clothing categories in sex underwear?


Interesting underwear -is a kind of sexy, mysterious underwear. It is different from the traditional underwear. Interest underwear usually focuses on sexy performance and the design of teddy bears and slings.Very high popularity.So, for the e -commerce platform, should you incorporate sex underwear into clothing categories?This is a question that requires in -depth discussion.

The design characteristics of sexy underwear

Unlike traditional underwear, sexy underwear focuses on sexy performance and external design sense. These characteristics of pursuing fashion elements are very similar to clothing categories.In addition, sexy underwear has a very wide application in the "fitness body" market. It can help women optimize the figure curve and meet consumers’ personality needs. Thereforechoose.

Effect of Category

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Incorporating sexy underwear into clothing categories should be noted that the impact of this decision on the main business. Merchants under clothing categories are usually used to facing the consumer market, while sexy lingerie focuses on personalization and differentiation. Merchants are merchants. Merchants are merchants. Merchants are merchants. Merchants are merchants. Merchants are merchants. Merchants are merchants. Merchants. Merchants.It is necessary to provide customers with comfortable and sexy underwear. Different brands will have different design elements through them. The category requirements are not exactly the same as traditional clothing categories.

The expansion of the market size

Incorporating erotic underwear into clothing categories can expand the market size.At present, the consumer groups of this market are mainly concentrated in second -tier cities. With the change of younger generations of consumption concepts, the sales channels and demand of sexy underwear are increasingly expanded.Therefore, incorporating it into the category of clothing can help broaden the sales channels of sexy underwear and let more people understand and contact this category.

Brand fission and ecological construction

With the development of the sexy underwear market, the number of brands is also growing rapidly, which has also led to the increase in market heat, but the quality is uneven. For merchants, how to stand out from many brands and build their own brand ecology, becoming a worthwhile is worth it to be worthy ofThe sought -after brand is very important.Dividing erotic underwear into clothing categories can improve the focus of the company’s brand. In the process of gradually creating and optimizing the brand, it can do a good job of ecological construction and provide high -quality products and services.

Market competition and traffic introduction

If you incorporate sex underwear into the clothing category, you can increase the brand’s competitiveness.The current sex underwear market is mainly based on Taobao, JD, Tmall and other e -commerce companies. These platforms have gathered a large number of brands and consumers. For newly entered brands or brands that have to be increased, they participate in market competition.The cost and pressure are very large, so it can be included in the clothing category, which can promote brand and products in a wider range of markets, increase targeted traffic introduction, and reduce the entry threshold.

Brand display and promotion

Incorporating sexy underwear into clothing categories is also of great significance in brand display and promotion. Nowadays, the promotion of sexy underwear is often considered too radical, so it is difficult to get more consumers.And if put it in the clothing category of the merchant’s main business, brand promotion and image establishment will get more support, consumers will have more opportunities to expose sexy underwear, and then break the traditional cognition, understand this, understand this, understand this, and understand this.Culture and market.


Policies and regulations and compliance needs

The design of sexy underwear focuses on the full display of sexy and personality, which may be different from laws and regulations in some countries and regions. For example, laws and regulations in Japan, the United States and other countries have strict regulations on sex products and children’s underwear.Therefore, if you want to incorporate interest underwear into clothing categories, you need to consider policy, regulations and compliance needs, and merchants need to strictly abide by relevant national and regional laws and regulations.

Representative brand

At present, the more representative brands in the sexy underwear market include "DODOMEILING", "IMIO", "." IWISH! "," ChaocoOcie’s household registration, "yumilove" and other brands. They all have their own characteristics and design style, butDue to the influence of policies and regulations and bad competition, the development of some brands has certain blockage. If the sexy lingerie is included in the clothing category, these brands can be more easily accepted by the market.

Category management

According to the feedback from some consumers, they believe that sexy underwear should be distinguished from traditional underwear and incorporate them into different categories to manage, so as to better protect consumers’ consumer interests and information security.Therefore, the establishment of category management is an important prerequisite for the purpose of incorporating interest underwear into the purpose of clothing. In the future, how to establish a standardized and unified category management system is the direction that merchants and platforms need to discuss together.

Conclusion: It is appropriate

In summary, the interesting underwear into the clothing category has certain advantages and prospects for merchants and platforms. This can not only provide consumers with a better shopping experience and services, but also help broaden the market size and promote the brandGrowth and ecological construction.However, if you want to successfully incorporate sex underwear into clothing categories, merchants and platforms also need to improve quality standards and service quality through scientific and standardized management and operations to create more competitive brand value.