Wear sex underwear high heels beauty pictures

Wear sex underwear high heels beauty pictures


Sexy underwear and high heels are magic props that make women more confident and eye -catching.When these two elements are combined, it will become a beautiful landscape.In this article, we will explore suggestions for beautiful women wearing sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes, and introduce several suggestions for selective emotional erotic lingerie and high heels.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your figure and the characteristics you want to show.Sexy options can be lace or grid socks.For the choice of showing the advantages of the figure, you can consider wearing a tight underwear.Regardless of which type of underwear you choose, when wearing high heels, you must choose high heels that are consistent with.

color match

The color matching of underwear and high heels can play a role in double the effect.Under normal circumstances, black and red are the most common colors in sexy underwear.For black underwear, black or red high heels are ideal choices.For red underwear, gold high heels will look very eye -catching when they are matched with it.

About size

The appropriate size of underwear and high heels is very important.If you are too small when you choose the underwear size, you will feel crazy.Excessive underwear will make you look sexy enough.Similarly, the appropriate size of high heels is also very important.When wearing high heels, you need to move freely.Too small or too large high heels will have a bad impact on your journey.

Category of high heels

There are many types of high heels.You can choose tight boots, or interesting strap high -heeled shoes.Lace, silk, leather and other materials can also show different styles.When choosing high heels, consider the figure you want to show.If your legs are thicker, you must choose dark and thick shoes when wearing high heels to reduce the roughness.

High heels height

Different heights of high heels have a great impact on the body.Low heels and high heels are usually suitable for women with inconvenience during pregnancy or mobility.3 to 4 inches high heels are the most common choices.If you want a more unique and sexy appearance, you can try 5 to 6 inches high heels.

Wearing skills

It is very important to match underwear and high heels.To make your body proportions more coordinated, you need to consider the matching between underwear, skirts or pants, and high heels.When choosing a skirt or pants, it is best to choose a close or tight pants, so that the leg lines will be more prominent.


After choosing high heels, you need to pay attention to your posture.Improper posture will not only affect your appearance, but also have a bad impact on your health.After wearing high heels, pay attention to the movement of the center of gravity. You can slowly pace a few times first to get familiar with the gait.


When choosing underwear and high heels, the occasion is also very important.In dinner, party, etc., it is best to choose bright and unique underwear and high -heeled shoes.In the outdoor activities of spring and summer, you can choose more comfortable, breathable underwear and high heels.

in conclusion

Beautiful women who wear sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes are always pleasing to the eye. They can not only enhance their self -confidence, but also fully show women’s charm.When choosing, consider your physical characteristics, color matching, size, occasion and other factors.Wearing underwear and high -heeled shoes, showing fashion, sexy and confidence, every woman should try.

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