Wear sex underwear office

Wear sex underwear office

The idea of wearing sexy underwear in the workplace may be a bit collapsed for some women, but it is also possible to do so.Of course, this depends on the way of wearing and the style of underwear.Here are some tips to tell you how to wear sexy underwear in the office.

Understand the regulations

The first step is to understand your workplace.Some companies may have very specific dressing regulations.It is very important to determine whether you can wear underwear with transparent mesh or lace details.Comply with the company’s regulations to provide guidance for your dress.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing styles and materials with suitable materials is the key.For example, transparent or over -exposed underwear may not be worn in office places.Instead, lace, lace, or layered underwear can be very sexy and elegant.


Underwear can be matched with clothing.A sexy and elegant match can be a black corset dress with a black suit.This will show a self -confidence and exquisite image, charming and not too wild.

comfortable to wear

Regardless of the choice of underwear style, it is also very important to ensure comfort.Because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or painful when working for a long time.So choosing comfortable and easy to wear underwear is critical.

Avoid excessive exposure

Wearing sexy underwear in the office may be considered inappropriate. If it is too exposed, this may be regarded as disrespectful office environment and colleagues.Therefore, you must choose the right one in the underwear style to avoid exposing yourself.

Abide by tradition

Under normal circumstances, wearing too sexy and exposed underwear is not suitable for wearing in the working environment, especially in conservative industries, such as banks and laws.

Follow the quality of the fabric

If you insist on wearing sexy underwear, you also need to choose high -quality materials.The smooth, delicate and soft materials are ideal.It is best to avoid all rough and itchy fibers. If you want to maintain your image, it is very important to choose soft fabric quality.

How to choose the size that suits you

It is serious and inappropriate to wear sexy underwear in the office.Make sure your size, measure your size, buttocks, and waist circumference when buying underwear.It will be very comfortable and comfortable to wear in this way.

Pay attention to temperament

Pay attention to your temperament when wearing sexy underwear.My temperament is exuded from the inside. Choosing the right sexy underwear is not to go to extremes but show my charm, so choose the right performance of your own temperament.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy lingerie office is indeed challenging.But choose the right style, comply with the company’s regulations, to ensure comfortable, suitable for your size, good fabric quality, attention to temperament, etc. are a state that can be achieved.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence and comfort, because wearing erotic underwear is not only a dress, but also a way to show your charm while building your own confidence.

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