What are the gifts for Taobao to buy sexy underwear?

1. Types of sexy lingerie gifts

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, merchants generally give consumers with some small gifts. Common ones are: stockings, sex handcuffs, sexy eye masks, sex whip, and so on.

2. The relationship between gifts and prices

The number and type of gifts have a lot to do with the price of sexy underwear purchased.There are often more and better gifts to buy high -value sexy underwear.

3. Gifts during promotional activities

In Taobao’s promotional activities, some sexy underwear merchants will attract users to buy by increasing the number of gifts, such as Double Eleven and Black Friday.

4. The difference between the quality of gifts

The quality of the gifts varies from merchants, but in general, the quality of the gift is not as good as the sexy underwear itself. Consumers should pay attention to the quality of the gift.

5. The practicality of gifts

The practicality of some gifts is not as practical as other gifts, such as some small accessories and other decorations.It is recommended that consumers should give priority to gifts with high practicality when buying sexy underwear.

6. Whether the merchant has its own gift type

Each merchant’s sexy lingerie types may be different. Some merchants will design and make some personalized toys as gifts.

7. Whether the gift is the same as the sexy underwear style

Some merchants will choose the corresponding gifts according to the style of sexy underwear, such as European and American style of sexy underwear may have corresponding European and American style sex toys as gifts.

8. How to choose the right sexy underwear gift

Consumers can choose appropriate gifts according to their own needs and actual situation.If you choose sexy underwear as a gift, you can consider some more personalized and customized gifts.

9. Pay attention to the difference in the number of gifts

The number of sexy lingerie gifts of different businesses may be different. Before buying, you need to learn about the number of gifts.

10. The relationship between gifts and after -sales service

Some merchants will provide better after -sales services when gifts. Consumers need to compare the after -sales service and gifts provided by the merchant when purchasing, and make rational choices.


When buying sexy underwear, gifts are indeed a factor that attracts consumers.However, consumers should not only pay attention to the number and quality of the gifts, but also focus on whether the quality and style of the sexy underwear itself meet their own needs.It is recommended that consumers can choose the appropriate sexy lingerie gift according to their needs and actual situations before buying.

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