What are the top brands of sexy underwear?

What are the top brands of sexy underwear?

1. Victoria’s Secret

As one of the world’s most famous sexy lingerie brands, Victoria’s Secret’s sexy underwear series has become one of the symbols of femininity and sexy.Its fabrics and styles are very diverse, from lace to comfortable fabrics.In addition, Victoria’s Secret’s underwear accessories are also very complete, such as various chests, straps, etc., can meet various body needs.

2. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand that is famous for its high -quality fabrics and retro styles.Unlike Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur’s underwear styles are more diverse.In its series, there are both sexy lace underwear, as well as high -end retro underwear, open -back underwear, etc., suitable for women of all personality and style.

3. La Perla

La Perla is a high -end sexy underwear brand from Italy.It is famous for high -quality fabric and creative design.From elegant lace underwear to comfortable safety pants, La Perla’s product line is very rich, so that women can choose the most suitable underwear from them.


Chantelle is a brand from France, and its underwear is famous for its classic French style.Its underwear is cleverly designed. Through different fabrics and styles, different parts can be adjusted and women are comfortable to women throughout the day.Chantelle’s underwear lines are clean and round, and the overall style is soft, suitable for people who like pure beauty.

5. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is an American independent sexy lingerie brand and was founded by two female founders.It is characterized by comfort and sex, and is particularly good at producing various styles of underwear.Hanky Panky’s underwear style is relatively simple, but the fabric is very comfortable and has good breathability, which is very suitable for long -term wear.

6. cosabella

Cosabella is an Italian brand, and its underwear is mainly lace style and soft fabric.Its sense of design is very strong. Combined with the stylish style and elegant lace, women exude a unique charm.Cosabella is also very concerned about the trend. It is often launched with limited quantities and is very sought after.

7. Wolford

As a sexy underwear brand from Austria, Wolford has become synonymous with high -quality fabric and finished product manufacturing technology.Its underwear is noble, sexy, luxurious, and pays great attention to details and comfort.Its product line is also very rich, including underwear and stockings of various styles.

8. spanx

Although it is not a traditional sexy underwear, SPANX has become one of the essential brands in women’s daily life.Its product line is mainly a variety of bodybuilding underwear. The purpose is to make women look more beautiful when wearing.Its body -shaping underwear series is also very diverse and can adapt to different figures and needs.

9. Simone Perele

As a French company, Simone Perele is famous for its elegant French design.Its fabric is very soft and lace is very delicate, but it does not sacrifice the comfort of underwear.Its product line covers various styles of steel and no steel ring underwear, as well as a variety of comfort pants, which is a very comprehensive brand.

10. Calvin Klein

Although Calvin Klein was originally a American brand that started with jeans, its sexy lingerie lines were also highly praised.The design of the Calvin Klein underwear is very suitable for Asian women who like simple style. Its comfortable fabric and excellent tailoring have also made it one of the first choice for many women.

Conclusion: The above is the top brand in the field of erotic underwear. They each have their own characteristics and uniqueness.When choosing, women can make choices according to their needs and personal taste. After all, underwear is a necessity that close the body, comfort and suitable for their own situation are the most important.

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