What are you buying sex underwear?

What are you buying sex underwear?

To increase love, sexy underwear is an essential part.However, how to buy sexy sexy underwear can make people look more fascinating, which is a question that many people need to understand.This article will answer the question of buying sex underwear from the four aspects of material, style, size and combination.

1. Taking material as the main consideration

The comfort and sexy degree of sexy underwear depends on the selected material.Common materials are silk, cotton, nets, satin, leather, etc.The softer the material, the better in terms of comfort and fit.If you choose leather underwear, you need to consider the problem of breathability and comfort.

2. Style needs to be matched with figure

There are many styles of sexy underwear and need to choose according to your own shape.If it is a thin breast, you can choose to push the type to make your chest look tall; if you are a plump woman, you can choose a centralized type to highlight the beauty of the chest development.

3. The size cannot be ignored

Whether the size of the sex underwear is appropriate or not, the comfort and aesthetic sensitivity of the wearer have a great impact.Be sure to buy according to your actual size.In terms of size selection, it is best to go to the shop to try it out to determine your specific size.

4. Combination diversity can increase the sexyness of matching

After buying different styles of sexy underwear, you can combine combination.For example, black stockings, lace triangles, high leather boots, leather shorts, etc., can increase the sexy level of the wearer.

5. Pay attention to brand choices

The brand selection of sexy underwear is also an important aspect. Brand quality guarantee, characteristic culture, etc. are all factors to choose the brand.In terms of brand selection, you can view the relevant consumer evaluation, professional evaluation, etc., so as to select the most suitable sexy underwear brand.

6. Color is also an important aspect

The color of sexy underwear cannot be ignored in terms of matching.Generally speaking, pink and red underwear are more sexy; in general, black and white underwear are more classic and elegant.

7. The occasion is clever

Sex underwear can be matched in different occasions, but choose the right underwear type.For example, the sexy and strong sexy underwear will limit the action during action and affect the atmosphere of the occasion.At the same time, the material and style of sexy underwear must also match the event occasions.

8. Wearing skills cannot be ignored

Wearing sexy underwear also has skills.For example, to avoid wiping cosmetics in wearing; avoid too much sexy underwear, which will affect the effect of wearing.

9. Price and quality matching

The price of sexy underwear is very different, and different styles and brands also have different prices.However, it is necessary to understand that the price and quality need to be matched.The expensive price does not necessarily mean good quality. In order to find out the market, you can choose high -cost sexy underwear products.

10. Sexy underwear is just a match

Finally, it should be noted that buying sexy underwear is not necessary, it is just a means to increase sexuality.When matching, it is necessary to consider clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. to better show beauty.

When buying sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to the above aspects, but also pay attention to disinfection, so that the underwear cannot breed bacteria too much.When washing the underwear, you should choose the material that is easy to dry and easy to clean.In short, buying sexy underwear correctly can increase the interest and fun of love life, but pay attention to the details of the matching.

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