What does it mean to open the stall in sex underwear?

What is a sexy underwear dark buckle?

Interest underwear dark buckle is a unique design of sexy underwear. It is mainly characterized by a secret opening opening in the lower part. It is convenient for sex to perform sexual behavior.

This can guarantee that sex is smoother.Usually the design of the dark buckle of the sexy underwear will be very sophisticated, so that the wearer can feel the strong sexy and exciting while wearing, and this style

Most of them are worn with G-String or T-String.

What are the styles of fun underwear?

There are many different styles of sexy underwear. Generally speaking, it can be divided into two categories.The first category is T -type underwear. This type of underwear is characterized by a T -shaped back and a classic underwear style.

The second category is G -type underwear. This type of underwear is characterized by the cross layout of the crotch, which is similar to the G shape.In addition to these two mainstream styles, there are some materials such as lace, lace and other materials, so that the fun underwear opens the stall and more

Style of sexy and sexual fashion.

What are the materials for the dark buckle of sexy underwear?

There are many materials used in sex underwear, which are commonly used. Common ones include lace, transparent mesh, bright fabrics, and so on.Different materials are combined with different styles, which can show better fashion effects.

How to choose the size of the sexy underwear?

The choice of sexy underwear dark buckle stalls should be determined according to your body size.Different erotic underwear brands are slightly different, and many styles of size selection are different from ordinary underwear, so

It is recommended to measure as detailed measurement before buying to avoid making yourself uncomfortable.If you can’t find the right size, you can choose to cut it into a suitable size.

Readial attention to the washing of the sexy underwear secretly buckled the gear

It is best to choose hand -washing when washing the underwear dark buckle. Do not use washing machines to clean it.When cleaning, be careful not to use overheated water or washing solution containing bleach.

Interesting underwear secretly buckled stalls

Pay attention to reasonable health care when wearing a sexy underwear. It is recommended to change the washing daily.At the same time, pay attention to the degree of mastering when wearing, do not make your body unable to breathe freely or feel too tight.

How to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you?

First, choose styles and sizes according to your physical characteristics.Secondly, pay attention to buying high -quality sexy underwear brands. The brand guarantees the quality and design of the underwear. In addition, you can also consider commenting and reputation.

The practicality of sexy underwear dark buckle

The practicality of sexy underwear is relatively high. It can not only meet the needs in the process of sex, but also let the wearer feel sexy and fashionable.At the same time, it can make both sides more comfortable and pleasant in the process of sex.

The view of the sexy underwear opens the stall

Interest underwear dark buckle is a unique design. For those who love sex toys and sexual process, it can not only add sexual interest, but also make the sex process smoother.

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