What is the name brand of sexy underwear and swimsuit?

Understand sexy underwear and swimsuit brand

There are many types of sexy underwear and swimsuits, including domestic and foreign brands. The more famous ones are Kaviekley, Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Viva La Diva, etc. These brands are known for their quality, novel style and quality assurance.

Choose the key point of selecting sex underwear and swimsuit

To buy sexy underwear and swimsuit, you must pay special attention to the problems of fabric, color, and version.

Choose a fabric that suits you

There are many fabrics of sexy underwear and swimsuits, such as lace, silk, cotton, etc.The fun underwear and swimsuits of different fabrics are also suitable for different people. For example, lace models are suitable for women with slim figures, while cotton is more suitable for conservative women.

Selection and precautions for color

In terms of color, you should consider your skin color and choose the color that suits you.And when buying a sexy underwear and swimsuit, you need to pay attention to the color difference. If you get the sexy underwear and swimsuit products, it is recommended to choose a more bright or brighter style.

Edition choice

The version of the sexy underwear and swimsuit is also an important factor that needs to be considered. Different versions are not necessarily the same.For example, a triangle -like sexy underwear swimsuit is more suitable for women with better leg lines, while panties -style sexy underwear swimsuit is suitable for women with good leg lines.

Suitable for sexy underwear and swimsuits for different occasions

The scenes of different occasions need to wear different styles of sexy underwear and swimsuits, such as wedding party parties, dinner dinner, festivals and other occasions to wear gorgeous sexy underwear and swimsuit, and when daily life, swimming or fitnessInterest underwear and swimsuit.

The comfort of sexy underwear and swimsuit

The comfort when wearing a sexy underwear and swimsuit is equally crucial.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear and swimsuit of silk and cotton fabrics are more comfortable, but the price is higher.In addition, some brands will design the problem of comfort, such as using soft flying fabrics or fabrics to increase special air hole design and increase wearing comfort.

Sexuality of sexy underwear and swimsuit

In addition to the good comfort of the sexy underwear and swimsuit, it also needs to take care of sexy. This is an important side of the sexy underwear and swimsuit.The best choice is to follow the principle of "suitable for you is the best", because the body is very different, and the style that is too highly sexy may not be suitable for you.

Selection of sexy underwear and swimsuit of different people

Women of different ages and figures often have their own preferences and needs when choosing sexy underwear and swimsuits.For example, young women prefer fashionable and colorful styles, while women with plump figures pay more attention to texture and comfort.

Interesting underwear and swimsuit maintenance

After buying a good underwear and swimsuit, pay attention to maintenance.The maintenance method of sexy underwear and swimsuit is generally hand -washing and cannot be machine washed, otherwise it will affect the texture and health of the sex and swimsuit fabric.

How to buy a fun underwear and swimsuit for you

After having a certain interesting underwear and swimsuit knowledge, how can we buy products that are suitable for ourselves?First of all, we can choose some large and well -known sexy underwear and swimsuit brands, which are guaranteed.Secondly, when buying a sexy underwear and swimsuit, it is recommended to choose to buy offline. You can try it on first to judge the comfort and fit.


Selecting sex underwear and swimsuit not only pay attention to styles, quality and cost -effectiveness, but also need to be selected according to their own figure characteristics.Only in this way can we wear the most beautiful, fashionable, most comfortable and sexy effects.

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