What is the sexy underwear hall?

Please note that I am an artificial intelligence language model and cannot wear and buy sexy underwear.The following is an article about sexy underwear types.

What is the sexy underwear hall?

The sex lingerie hall is a place to sell sexy underwear, and its products have many types of products.If you have not worn sex underwear or have not bought underwear at the sex underwear hall, then you may have a certain curiosity about sexy underwear.This article will introduce the product types and their characteristics of the sex underwear hall.

Type 1: Beauty sexy underwear

Beauty erotic underwear is a big selling point of the sex lingerie hall.Compared with ordinary underwear, the beauty of the beauty underwear pays more attention to the body of the wearer. Perspective lace design and sexy colors make the wearer more sexy and charming.This type of underwear usually includes sexy underwear suits, pajamas, temptation bikini and thongs.

Type 2: Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexuality Fun underwear is a more challenging and irritating type.It is more suitable for sex games or sex between sex games or husbands and wives than other sexy underwear categories.Common sexual erotic underwear includes sexy stockings, sexual bellybands, erotic bondage and erotic milk stickers.

Type 3: Adult sexy underwear

Adult sex lingerie is a more challenging and irritating underwear, which is usually used for sex games between husband and wife.Compared with his interesting underwear category, it not only focuses on sexy, but also pursues higher challenges and irritation.This type of underwear usually includes sex leather clothing, SM props, mouthball bondage and electric shock props.

Type 4: European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is well known for its unique style and design methods.It not only includes beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie and adult erotic underwear, but also other types of underwear.European and American sex lingerie usually adopts creative design solutions, such as lace, lace and pearls, and so on.

Type 5: Love underwear

Love underwear is a very distinctive underwear, which is the main purpose, suitable for couples to wear.In couple games, it can play a role in increasing interest and emotion.Love underwear usually includes sexual pajamas, sex stockings and sexual bellybands.

Category 6: Semi transparent sexy underwear

The semi -transparent erotic underwear is a highly sexy and challenging underwear with high visual stimulus.Its design usually uses see mesh and transparent lace materials, allowing people to see wonderful curves and skin without losing privacy.This type of underwear usually includes a series of transparent underwear, transparent bra and lace jacket.

Type 7: Small breasts sexy underwear

Small chest sexy underwear is suitable for women with smaller chests, which can effectively enhance the visual effects of the chest.This type of underwear usually uses enhanced materials and design, which can effectively shape the chest shape and make the wearer more sexy and beautiful.They usually include enhanced bras, bras with straps, and tight vests.

Type 8: Challenge sexy underwear

Challenge sexy underwear is a very exposed and challenging underwear, suitable for bold women.It can not only increase the sexyness of the wearer, but also make the wearer feel a feeling of challenging themselves.This type of sexy underwear usually includes a series of exposed navel installations, naked backs and wild imitation animals.


In summary, the variety of sexy underwear halls is a bit staggering, but it also shows people’s pursuit of interest in life feelings.However, wearing erotic underwear involves the question of how to choose, especially when some are more exposed or challenging, you need to carefully consider your behavior and self -protection to avoid unnecessary troubles and risks.

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