What kind of sexy underwear should be uploaded


Interesting underwear is one of the categories of rapid market demand in recent years, and major e -commerce platforms have gradually opened the sales category of sexy underwear.However, the nature of sexy underwear makes it take into consideration in multiple aspects. This article will analyze what kind of eyes should be uploaded from multiple angles.


The choice of sexy underwear materials is very important, and there are certain requirements for upload categories.Generally speaking, the material of sexy underwear is divided into cotton, pure silk, lace, polyester, nylon, etc. When uploading categories, it is necessary to indicate the material ingredients to ensure that consumers can understand the characteristics of each material when choosing.


There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as corset, jacket, three -point style, etc. Each style has its own application scenarios and costumes.Therefore, when uploading interesting underwear, not only the classification of various styles, but also the corresponding detailed parameters for each style to help consumers choose.


The color of sexy underwear is also an indispensable part of uploading categories.Sexy underwear of different colors represents different emotions and atmospheres, such as red and black symbolizing enthusiasm and mystery. Pink and purple are more romantic and elegant.The color classification of the shelves should be fully taken into account the differences between these emotions and atmospheres and reflected it in the upload category.


The size difference between the size of the sex underwear is large. When choosing, consumers need to choose the appropriate number according to their figure.Therefore, when uploading sexy underwear, not only does it need to provide sufficient classification for different sizes, but also to significantly signal the measurement parameters of each size, so as to help consumers better choose to help.


Pictures of sexy underwear are an important reference that consumers know and choose. A good picture can attract consumers’ attention and increase the conversion rate.Therefore, when uploading fun underwear, there are multiple clear pictures, realistic display of different angles, different environments, and different models to ensure that consumers have full awareness of sexy underwear.


The price of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors for consumers to choose. Therefore, when putting on sex underwear, you need to record the price corresponding to each style, each color and size, so that consumers can compare and choose the price.


Factors such as the characteristics of sexy underwear and sexy level are also one of the factors that need to be considered when uploading.Each sexy underwear has its own characteristics, such as high waist pants, eye -catching design, etc., and when on the shelves, you also need to indicate the characteristic functions of each erotic underwear for consumers to choose.


Cleaning refers to the maintenance and washing of sexy underwear. This part is also an indispensable part of uploading categories.Each erotic underwear is different, some need to be washed, some need to be washed, some can be machine washed, and you need to make a detailed explanation in the upload category.

Public announcement:

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to publicity and transparency when uploading fun underwear. For example, let the manufacturer’s factory information disclosure, complete material explanation, high transparency, etc., allowing consumers to have more comprehensive information when choosing, improve consumers’ interest in interests.The trust and satisfaction of underwear.

in conclusion:

When uploading sexy underwear, it should be classified and explained from the material, style, color, size, picture, price, price, characteristics, cleaning, publicity, etc. to help consumers better understand the characteristics and use of love underwear.Increase conversion rate and business growth.

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