What should I do if my son buys a sexy underwear?

What should I do if my son buys a sexy underwear?

Many parents are confused and embarrassing when they find their son buying fun underwear.How should we deal with this issue?Here are some related matters.

Don’t panic

If you find that your son buys sexy underwear, don’t panic.You need to calm down and think about it. This may be just part of his curiosity and self -exploration, not necessarily that he is homosexual or heterosexual.It is important to respect his choice, especially when he grows up and has his own decision -making ability.

Ask the situation clearly

If your son is still a child now, then you need to ask him to know the situation to prevent him from being obsessed with it.Ask him why he likes this sexy underwear, what it means to him.If he is unwilling to answer, you need to wait and communicate patiently, create a safe environment, and make him feel understood and supported.

Consider your child’s age

On this issue, children’s age must be considered.If your child is too young, or you think he cannot be exposed to sexual contact, then you need to talk to him about this problem.If he is mature enough, you can respect his choices and ensure that he understands and contraception related knowledge.

Buy sexy underwear suitable for children

If you approve his behavior and allow him to buy sexy underwear, you need to ensure that he buys sexy underwear suitable for their age.In addition, you need to ensure that the quality of the underwear you buy is good, the materials are safe and reliable, and will not have a adverse effect on your child’s health and psychology.

Seek professional help

If you don’t know how to deal with this problem, or if you feel that your child’s behavior has exceeded your ability, then you need to seek professional help.Talk with a professional psychologist and consultant may help you and your child.

Try not to blame and attack

For this issue, parents’ attitudes and treatment are very important.We should not blame and attack children.For children’s choices, we must be civilized and rational, and we cannot make mistakes because of emotions.

Remind children to avoid health risks

We should remind children to avoid possible health risks.Using long -term sexy underwear can cause skin problems and infections.If the child cannot handle it by himself or have any questions, he should seek medical treatment in time.

How to educate children to protect privacy

When children wear sexy underwear in schools or public places, we should educate them how to protect their privacy and avoid being ridiculed or bullied for "special" dress.Respect others and protect yourself.

Understand the needs of your child

Most importantly, we must understand what our children need and want.This not only requires us to pay attention to children, but also always communicate to understand their ideas and feelings in time.Although many problems in life are so insignificant, as long as they have support, trust, wisdom, courage, we can deal with it well.

in conclusion

In the current society, children’s self -care consciousness is earlier than ever, and their sexual interests are more prominent. They must also adjust them in time in the psychological construction and understanding of parents.Through this problem, we can better understand children, grow up with them, and make progress together.

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