Which fingers are wearing a sex lingerie rope?

What is a rope?

Interest underwear rope is a Japanese -style restraint technology, also known as binding art, a sex toy.It is a technology that is tied together to close the human body, feet, or other body parts with materials such as rope or rope belt.

What are the types of ropes?

There are many types of rope wearing technology, and different technologies can be selected according to different situations and needs.In sexy underwear, common types are large rope style, Komachi rope style, Arisue style, Naka style, etc., and many special personal styles.

What are the problems needing to pay attention to in rope?

The rope wearing technology is not very dangerous, but still needs to pay attention to safety issues.First of all, you need to follow the skills and experience, and you need to ask and learn from the senior Master Dai.Secondly, when using the rope, you must pay attention to the material and softness of the rope, and you must ensure comfort and safety.Finally, pay special attention to the physical condition of being abducted, and any hidden dangers and diseases should be excluded before binding.

What tools and materials are needed for rope wearing?

In addition to ropes, other materials, tools and accessories are needed.First of all, the rope itself needs to use natural fibers, such as marijuana rope, linen rope, or mulberry silk rope.Secondly, safety scissors need to be used to respond to urgently lifting bondage in special circumstances.Finally, we must prepare some props that enhance sexual experience, such as mouthball, eye mask, and breast clip.

What is the role of the finger of the rope?

In rope wear, fingers can play a very important role.Finally, the tightness between the rope makes the entire restraint effect more perfect.At the same time, the fingers can also protect the sensitive parts of the binding person during restraint and prevent rope marks.Therefore, in the rope, the producer needs to choose a finger suitable for his body shape and preference to achieve the best restraint effect.

Which fingers should I wear when wearing a rope?

In the rope, which finger wearing depends on the size and difficulty of different people’s fingers and restraints.If it is a beginner, it is recommended to choose the middle finger. It is more stable and can help the producer to complete the primary rope wearing technology.If you are a senior rope master, you can choose your index finger or thumb, which is more suitable for binding the complex parts of the body and achieving advanced skills.

What will happen if you don’t wear your fingers?

If you don’t wear your fingers, it will cause the rope to relax and fall off.The restraint effect cannot reach the best state, affecting sex experience.And due to the lack of the protection of fingers, the tied those may be damaged by the rope.

What safety issues need to pay attention to?

Pay attention to some basic safety issues when wearing rope.First, the producer needs to ensure that the material of the rope is harmless and soft and flexible.Secondly, you need to pay attention to your physical condition when binding, and eliminate physical diseases and hidden dangers in advance.Finally, you must fully understand each other’s preferences and willingness before binding to ensure safety and happiness.

What are the benefits of rope wear?

There are many benefits to rope wearing, which can play a role in enhancing emotion and experience in sex.Rope wearing can increase the sense of physical tightness, control, and dominance, and at the same time enhances the interaction and trust between the two parties.In addition, rope wearing can also allow both parties to explore new sex and role -playing, rich sexual experience.


Rope wearing is a Japanese -style sex toy. Although it is not dangerous, it still needs to pay attention to safety issues when used.Wearing fingers is very important during the entire rope. It can not only ensure the binding effect, but also protect the sensitive parts of the binding person.Therefore, when wearing, you need to choose the fingers that suits you according to your body shape and preference to achieve the best restraint effect.

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