Which type is Taobao selling sexy underwear?


Taobao is a world -renowned e -commerce platform with the most users and multiple product options.Among them, sexy underwear sells very hot.So what are the types of sexy underwear sold on Taobao?I will introduce you one by one.

Fun sexy underwear

Uniform sex underwear is a sexy underwear designed to imitate the costumes of different occupations such as students’ uniforms and nurse uniforms. It often has elements such as tie, shirts, short skirts, etc., emphasizing the dual charm of cute and sexy.

Lace sexy underwear

The fabrics of lace sexy underwear are usually lace. As a very sexy material, it has different shapes. Some styles and even half cups make the curve on the chest more beautiful and make women look more independent.

Transparent sexy underwear

The transparent erotic underwear is mainly based on the transparent texture, and even the fabric is very thin, so that the skin can be breathed extreme. It is comfortable and cute. It often combines soft light with the body temptation, so that people can fully feel the charm of sexy.

Low erotic underwear

The biggest feature of lace sexy underwear is the use of lace design elements. The upper end or hem of the underwear is decorated with the lace, which is particularly exquisite and showing romantic feelings. It is not difficult to remind people of the beauty of the bone marrow.

Net yarn sexy dress

Net yarn sex lingerie can make the body curve more obvious. It is mixed and match with lace, satin, mesh and other materials, giving a sense of elegance and luxury.And it is usually decorated with metal elements and beads to increase the luster and embellishment of underwear.

Sexual belly

Interesting bellyband is a relatively small sexy underwear. Its materials and styles are relatively simple. It is divided into the style of men and women.The bellyband can act as accessories in nightclubs, weddings, etc., making people’s images more sexy and personalized.

Sexy chest sticker

Fun chest paste is a sticker sticking to your own breasts for modifying and delicate chests.It can make the chest more plump and attractive, often used on the nightclub stage, which is very eye -catching and eye -catching.

Local sexy underwear

Even the body sex underwear, as the name suggests, is a style of sexy underwear composed of tops and bottoms.It fully fit the body curve, which has an ultimate visual effect, which is a sexy manifestation and display.

Drink sexy underwear

Tibetan sexy underwear is a simple and changeable sexy underwear. It is usually a suspender skirt. It can show the beauty of women and add women’s elegance and sexy.Tibetan sexy underwear is very suitable for party and other occasions.


All in all, there are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao, and you can choose according to your preferences or need to be selected.Wearing these sexy underwear can not only make yourself more confident, but also bring different surprises and feelings to the people around you.

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