Who is Taobao sex underwear?


Sexy underwear is a fashion trend of modern women. Among them, Taobao is one of the largest online sex underwear sales platforms.However, which groups of people buy sexy underwear on Taobao?The following will be analyzed around this issue.

Anonymous purchase in the Internet era

In the Internet age, it is easy to hide identity.Many people don’t want to expose offline identity, but they can’t resist the temptation of sexy underwear, so they choose to buy on Taobao.These people include, but not limited to shyness, love, single, single, or people who want to add some fun to the life of couples.

The adjustment of sexy underwear

Not only is wearing in sex, and sexy underwear also has the effect of adjusting the body line in the usual dress.Many people who choose to buy sexy underwear are to make up for their physical defects, such as too small chests, drooping, or not tight hips and waist.These underwear solve these problems for consumers through their unique design and materials, making people more confident when wearing, and at the same time meet personal psychological needs.

The enjoyment of sexy underwear

Men and women have the right to enjoy life.Because of its special sexy designs, sexy underwear is a way for many people to enjoy life and pursue exquisiteness.Many women often wear sexy underwear to appreciate their bodies at night. This feeling of self -appreciation will make people feel wonderful.At the same time, understanding the needs of these women, the sexy underwear made by many merchants also has a unique touch, providing conditions for a better sexual experience.

Sexual restrictions of sexy underwear

In the world of sexy underwear, gender is not a limit.Among the buyers of Taobao sex underwear, the proportion of men and women is about six to four, and men are also part of the sex underwear market.Sexy T -shirts, sexy fat times, specially designed tights, silk underwear, etc. The application of these products is becoming more and more blurred. Men and women can try to wear to satisfy their desire for a better life.

Different age of sex underwear

Age does not mean anything. People of different ages have their own special preferences.Like ordinary underwear, young people choose more colorful, patterns to be diverse and emancipate themselves when buying sexy underwear; while middle -aged women pay attention to more comfort and internal structure design.

The cultural background of sexy underwear

Some of the buyers of some sexy underwear are in the context of pursuing foreign conditions, European and American culture, and so on.For example, some people buy American robes on Taobao, European -style tight vests, etc. to experience exotic tones; others wear underwear in their ordinary daily life, thereby pursuing an elegant, beautiful and delicate quality of life.

The business role of sexy underwear

In general, there are always some men and women on Taobao on Taobao. Their purchase of sexy underwear is for business purposes.For example, merchants want to experience a variety of sexy underwear before opening the store, or try to wear sexy underwear before the wedding, pay tribute to the wedding day, or some performers in the performing arts circle require special clothing, which may involve businessSexual use.

Future development of sexy underwear

In the era of informationization, the popularization of sex underwear has gradually emerged.However, this may also mean that sexy underwear is market -oriented and profitable.Therefore, it is necessary to improve market supervision, strengthen the quality supervision of manufacturers, merchants, service agencies and consumers to ensure consumer rights.


As a fashion trend, sexy underwear affects the fashion taste, physical confidence and life fun of modern women.As a part of the sales platform, Taobao has attracted a variety of people to buy sexy underwear.Therefore, the consumer group of sex underwear does not have a clear limit, which is extremely wide and complicated.This feature makes the market more rich.

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