Why are there holes under the sexy underwear?

Why are there holes under the sexy underwear?

As a kind of sexy products, the sexy lingerie is noticeable, especially its unique design, especially the design below, which seems to be a bit strange.However, such a design is not meaningless. This article will explore the reasons for you.

1. Convenience.

The hole design below the sex lingerie is for convenience.This design allows users to portable without getting rid of sex underwear.Some sex games need to frequently wear off sexy underwear. In this case, the design below can save unnecessary time and energy.

2. Increase experience.

The cave design below the sex lingerie is also to increase the user’s sense of experience. Users can get more stimulation and satisfaction when wearing sexy underwear through caves.This design also allows users to understand and experience the charm of sex games more deeply, and enhance the intimate relationship between couples.

3. Aesthetics and fashion.

Unlike the traditional underwear design, the design of sexy underwear pays more attention to aesthetic and fashion, and the design below is no exception.This design can increase the fashion and aesthetic value of sexy underwear, so that users can feel more confident and sexy when wearing sexy underwear.

4. Stimulate sensitive areas.

The hole design below the sexy underwear can stimulate the sensitive areas, allowing users to get more intense stimulation and satisfaction.This design allows users to understand and experience their bodies more deeply, and increase the fun and excitement of sex games.

5. Increase interest in the interaction of sex.

Wearing erotic underwear can increase the fun in the interaction between sex, and the design below can increase more fun and stimulus.This design makes the sex interaction process more pleasant and more exciting, and enhances the feelings between husband and wife.

6. Conquering diversified preferences.

Different people like different types of sexy underwear, and the designs with holes below can meet those user needs that like more alternative, so that they can fully exert their imagination in the process of sex.

7. Meet the needs of sexual diversification.

There are many different types of products in sex products, because people’s sexual needs are diversified.Below has a cave sexy underwear design that can be used with other sex products to create more sexual fun and excitement.

8. Rich types.

There are very rich types of sexy underwear below, not only different sizes and colors, but also different shapes and patterns.These types can meet the needs and preferences of different people.

9. Medical practicality.

The cave design below the sexy underwear is also medical practical.This design allows women to use sanitary napkins during the physiological period, and do not need to take off the sexy underwear, thereby reducing the inconvenience of users.This is one of the reasons why this design becomes more and more popular.

10. Meet the needs.

The most important point is that there are holes under the sex underwear that can well meet people’s needs and bring more fun and stimulus to their sexual experience.

in conclusion:

As a sexual product, the design of a hole under the sex underwear has its necessity and use significance.This design can improve the quality of sex experience, not only to meet various sexual preferences, but also make the sex process more pleasant and healthier.

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