Big chest sexy underwear is transparent

Big chest sexy underwear is transparent

Big breasts girls’ troubles

For many girls with big breasts, finding the right sexy underwear has always been a difficult problem.Because of the particularity of the figure, they often cannot find a suitable underwear, and sometimes even cause discomfort and pain.

The voice of transparent underwear

In the market, transparent sexy underwear has begun to become a preferred choice for big breasts.This kind of underwear is very breathable, and the good breathability makes it very comfortable. At the same time, because the underwear fabric is completely transparent, it will not worry that the underwear will affect the appearance during the process of wearing.

The benefits of transparent underwear

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The advantage of transparent erotic underwear is that it can better fit the curve of women’s bodies and form a more perfect chest and body lines.For big breasts girls, this underwear can better shape the perfect curve of the chest, while also improving girls’ self -confidence.

Care of transparent underwear

There are some details that need to pay attention to the care of transparent sex underwear.First of all, do not use a washing machine to clean it. You should take a hand washing method, and the water temperature during hand washed should be controlled below 30 ° C.In addition, underwear fabrics are a very delicate material that need to avoid friction and collision.

Transparent underwear style selection

The transparent sexy underwear is very rich in style, providing a lot of choices for girls with big breasts.You can choose a sexy transparent underwear with a strap, and you can also choose a style with a shoulder strap.In addition, the lace and lace edge on the underwear also provide personalized fashion choices for big breasts.

Material selection

Transparent sexy underwear is usually made of polyester fiber, Lycra and other materials.These materials have the characteristics of telescopicness, breathability, lightness, etc., which are very suitable for making sexy underwear.

Transparent underwear accessories

Transparent erotic underwear with exquisite accessories such as jewelry, high heels, and stockings can make girls more sexy and elegant.At the same time, you can also choose a short -haired style, or smoky makeup, etc. with more retro makeup styles.

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Daily wear of transparent underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is not only sexy equipment, but also a way of daily wear.At a comfortable moment, wearing it can make you confident, and at romantic dating and party, it can add infinite charm and temperament to you.

The matching skills of transparent underwear

When wearing transparent sexy underwear, you need to choose different matching skills according to different occasions.In formal occasions, it is best to match formal clothing; in terms of personal fashion matching, you can choose white or black slim jackets, denim shorts and other casual equipment for matching.

Sexy elements of transparent underwear

Transparent sexy underwear emphasizes sexy and beautiful, which can add charm and self -confidence to big breast girls.Putting it can show women’s softness and luxury, and at the same time, they can also show the boldness and freedom of women.


In short, for big breasts, transparent sexy underwear is a very good product whether it is daily or as a sexy dress.If you also want to try this underwear, try it, I believe it can bring you unexpected surprises and amazing.