English words about sexy underwear

English words about sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a special underwear, and many people like to use it as part of the sex game.However, many people don’t know the English words of sexy underwear.This article will introduce several common sexy underwear and provide their English words.

Crotchless panties

Crotchless Panties is the most common type of sexy underwear. It is a kind of underwear without crotch.They usually have many different styles, including G string, thong, bikini, etc.The English English is CrottChless Panties.

Open Crotch Panties

Open Crotch Panties is another sexy underwear without crotch.Unlike Crotchless Panties, Open Crotch Panties has only a small opening, not the entire area open.English words are Open Crotch Panties.


Thongs is a common sexy underwear, usually consisting of a thin rope and a small triangle fabric.The English of words Thongs is Thongs.


G-Strings is a sexy underwear similar to Thongs, but its triangular fabric is smaller, often with only one thin rope connection.English words are G-Strings.


Boyshorts is a kind of sexy underwear, which is similar to traditional underwear, but the coverage area is wider, and most of them are more slim.English words are BOYSHORTS.


BodyStockings is another in sex underwear, similar to tights.Their materials are very thin, but they are very close.English words are bodynockings.


BUSTIERS is a tight corset with internal support and steel rings.They usually have buttons or zippers to put on or take off.The English word is BUSTIERS.


Corsets is a sexy underwear similar to BUSTIERS. They have more steel rings and tight belts.This tight corset is often regarded as a waist effect.The English English is Corsets.


Teddies is similar to the sexy lingerie of pantyhose. They cover the entire body and usually have shoulder straps and low -cut designs.English words are Teddies.


Although sexy underwear is not the choice of everyone, they are a good choice for those who want to add fun in sex games.Understanding English words of these sexy underwear can better communicate with others, and it is easier to buy and understand.I hope this article will help you.

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