Girlfriend buys a men’s utensil for men

Girlfriend buys a men’s utensil for men

In romantic festivals and special days, some women will want to prepare a special gift for her boyfriend, and sexy underwear is a unique gift, which is selected by more and more women.However, for women who have not been exposed to such products, how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for her boyfriend seems to be a problem.This article will help female readers understand how to choose and buy sexy underwear suitable for her boyfriend.

1. Know the boyfriend’s figure

Before buying a sexy underwear, women should understand the body of her boyfriend, including information such as weight, bust, waist, hips, etc.Only by understanding the boyfriend’s body can you choose the right size and style of underwear.

2. Consider your boyfriend’s preference

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and preferences. Women should choose different styles according to their boyfriend’s preferences and occasions.For example, for romantic Valentine’s Day, women can buy some sexy sexy underwear, and for birthdays or other special days, you can choose some comfortable and practical styles or personalized products.

3. Choose the right material

The material of the sexy underwear determines the comfort and sexy level. Women should choose the appropriate material according to the boyfriend’s preferences and physical conditions.For example, if a boyfriend is allergic to a certain material, you should avoid choosing this material underwear.

4. Consider your boyfriend’s career and hobby

The professional and hobbies of her boyfriend will also affect the choice of sexy underwear.For example, for a boyfriend who needs to sit in the office for a long time, you should choose breathable and soft underwear, and for a boyfriend who likes outdoor sports, you should choose underwear with sweat -proof and friction.

5. Understand the psychological condition of her boyfriend

Some men may not be confident in their bodies because of their physical or psychological conditions.In this case, women should choose sexy underwear that can reflect the advantages of male and can cover inadequate, so as to increase her boyfriend’s self -confidence.

6. Consider different brands and styles

There are many different brands and styles of sexy underwear on the market to choose from.Women should choose the right brand and style based on her boyfriend’s preferences and their own experience.At the same time, women should also understand the reputation and quality of the brand and avoid choosing low -quality products.

7. Understand different prices and quality

The price and quality of sex underwear are also important factor affecting purchases.Women should understand the price and quality of different brands and styles of sexy underwear to prevent misleading by false discounts and low -cost products.

8. Try penetration before buying

Before buying, women are best for her boyfriend to try on to ensure that the size and quality of the underwear meet the requirements of her boyfriend.At the same time, women can also understand her boyfriend’s views and preferences for underwear through her boyfriend’s trial and feedback in order to make better choices.

9. Pay attention to privacy and privacy protection

Buying sexy underwear is a private behavior, and women should pay attention to protecting privacy and privacy.For example, choose good reputable online stores or shops when buying, and avoid placing purchase records in public places.

10. The whole process must be interesting and romantic

Finally, women should also maintain fun and romance in the process of choosing and buying sexy underwear.You can invite your boyfriend to participate together, taste food or watch movies together when choosing gifts, and increase romance and fun.


Through the above points, women should be able to choose the right sexy underwear and surprise her boyfriend.However, women should also understand her boyfriend’s psychological needs and personal hobbies, and protect privacy and privacy, and maintain fun and romance throughout the process.

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