How to make sexy underwear fake chests

How to make sexy lingerie fake chest?

In this era, it is particularly important to have a perfect breast and body.However, some women’s breasts may not be so perfect, at this time, fake chests can come in handy.However, for some women, it is too expensive to buy a pair of good quality fake chests.So, is there a way to achieve false breasts without spending?The answer is yes.In this article, we will provide some feasible techniques to achieve the purpose of sexy underwear.

1. Prepare the materials you need

Before starting production, you need the following basic materials: a pair of large socks, plastic bags, cotton, clothes to make tape and needle lines.These materials do not need too much cost, and it is easy to get it in nearby stores.

2. Put the socks

First, stuff the plastic bag into the socks.Then slowly stuff the cotton into the socks.Fill the cotton until the size of the sock is close to the chest size you need.

3. Tie up the mouth above the socks

Tie the mouth above the stuffed socks with clothes to make tape tightly.Make sure that the cotton in the socks will not fall out.If you want to have a more real chest, you can pick up the aforementioned needle line for needle wire suture.

4. Put the fake chest in your underwear

Once you finish these steps, you can tie the plastic bag and put the fake chest in your underwear.In this process, ensure that fake chest arrangement average and achieve the best results.

5. Determine suitable underwear

You need a suitable underwear, which is important.It is recommended to use a bra, which can prevent fake chest movement and fall.It is best to choose a cup to support the fake chest and maintain a natural appearance and feeling.

6. Wear beautiful clothing

Choose to put on your sexy underwear on the right occasion to make your false chest more prominent.When choosing clothes, you can choose a V -collar style clothes or daily clothes with narrow shoulder straps to help you show the wonderful time of false chest.

7. Keep confidence

Even if you use false chests, don’t forget to maintain confidence and nature.Whether using real breasts or fake breasts, self -confidence and naturally are the key to showing beauty.

8. Summary

Without any foreign aid, using socks and cotton can also achieve the effect of fake chest.Using this method, you can not only achieve the beautiful effect you need, but also not spend too much money.However, the advantages of this method are also defective.The false breasts it make may not be as true and comfortable as the products sold on the market.To understand this, we still suggest that you buy good -quality fake breasts when necessary.

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