How to nail sexy underwear shoulder strap fast

How to nail sexy underwear shoulder strap fast

How to nail sexy underwear fast

When we buy sexy underwear, we usually pay attention to various styles, design and materials.But sometimes we may encounter a common problem: sexy underwear band quickly!This problem makes our clothes unable to wear and destroy our mood, but we don’t have to worry about it. The following is a solution.

1. Check the length of the shoulder strap

Incorrect length of the shoulder strap is one of the main reasons that cause the straps to fall off.If the shoulder strap is too long, it will always slip, and the shorter strap will pull the strap part to loosen the band and eventually fall.Therefore, we need to ensure that the length of the shoulder strap is just right.

2. Formulate a reasonable hanger storage plan

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The storage of the hanger is another cause of the strap off.If we set up interesting underwear freely instead of hanging it on the hanger, the shoulder straps, hook buckles and other parts will be worn and distorted, which will cause it to fall off quickly.Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate hanger for our sexy underwear and hang it correctly.

3. Check and replace the wearing hook buckle

Corresponding straps and front buckles may cause straps to fall off.If the hook buckle is loose or worn, the hook buckle cannot be inserted tightly, so that the erotic underwear straps will fall off.Therefore, we need to always check the hook buckle and replace the damage or aging hook in time.

4. Select the right material according to the season

Sex underwear materials are usually designed according to seasonal design.For example, plush materials are usually used in winter, and lightweight materials are used in summer.Choosing the suitable season’s underwear materials can make us wear better, and at the same time reduce the possibility of strip loss.

5. Avoid machine washing

If we want to maintain the aesthetic and extended life of sexy underwear, we should avoid machine washing.Machine washing friction can easily deform, brushed, layered or supported by sexy underwear.Therefore, it is best to wash the sexy underwear by hand to avoid damaging rubber and glue, thereby avoiding the strap off.

6. Fix the hook buckle firmly on the band

We can usually see the connection ring with a direct connection hook buckle.However, on some professional interest underwear, the connection ring may not be directly connected to the hook buckle.In any way, we need to ensure that the hook buckle and the connection ring are firm and close.

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7. Adjust the width of the shoulder

Adjusting shoulder band width is a useful way to reduce the strip fall.If the shoulder strap is too narrow, it cannot be kept stably on the shoulder, and the too wide shoulder strap will cut the flesh on the chest, which not only wastes well -proportioned wiring, but also easily wear.Therefore, to ensure that the width of the shoulder is appropriate.

8. Choose high -quality sexy underwear

Sometimes when we buy sexy underwear, we should choose high -quality products, which can greatly reduce the possibility of falling off.High -quality erotic underwear usually uses durable materials, which is specially treated and carefully produced every detail.

in conclusion

Bringing off quickly may worry us, but we don’t have to worry about it.By adopting the above measures, we can reduce or avoid the fast falling off underwear and keep it clean, tidy and beautiful.