How to send sex underwear to lover

How to send love underwear to lover?

On Valentine’s Day, Birthday or other festivals, selective sexy and quality sexy underwear is a good choice.But how to choose, how to match, and how to give it to your lover is another headache.Below, I will introduce a few practical suggestions for these issues.

1. Understand her preferences

Knowing your lover is the first step in choosing sexy underwear.You need to understand her favorite color, material, style, etc.You can understand by observing her usual style, body curve and preference.

2. Choose a style suitable for her

Choosing a style suitable for her is the key to sending fun underwear.For women of different figures, choose different styles.For example, for women with full figure, it is best to choose a model with strengthening support, and for women with slim figures, they can choose a lighter and breathable style.

3. Master the size specifications

To buy sex underwear, you need to measure the size carefully.If you are not sure of her size, please don’t guess, it is best to let her measure and tell you.Too small or too large size will make sexy underwear lose its charm, so it is very important to master the size specifications.

4. Choose high -quality materials

Interest underwear is usually made of lace, silk, lace, cotton and other materials.High -quality materials will make her feel comfortable, and can also increase the charm of sexy underwear and make it more durable.

5. Accessories are indispensable

Sex underwear is usually equipped with various accessories, such as stockings, high heels and socks.Choosing suitable accessories can improve the quality and charm of sexy underwear.

6. Create a romantic atmosphere

Before sending love underwear, you can create some romantic atmosphere for her.For example, let her wait in bed, or prepare romantic dinner, and so on.This interaction will make her look forward to the surprise of sexy underwear.

7. Pay attention to packaging details

The packaging and delivery method of sexy underwear is also an important aspect of consideration.Before sending love underwear, you can carefully pack and write a love letter or greeting card, and send it to her hands like surprises through express or personal delivery.

8. Pay attention to the consistency with her choice

When you choose a sexy underwear you want to give away, don’t deviate from her choice, but change arbitrarily.If she likes simple and pure sexy underwear, then don’t choose too fancy styles.

9. The most important thing is her feelings

The ultimate purpose of sending sex underwear is to make her feel special and enhance the intimate relationship between you.The most important thing is her feelings. It is necessary to ensure that the sexy lingerie is comfortable, fit the body, and beautiful.When paying attention to her feelings, don’t pursue over sexy, but respect her preferences.

10. Viewpoint

When giving away erotic underwear, the most important thing is to pay attention to her preferences and feelings.Understand her figure, preferences, size specifications, accessories and materials, etc., buy a style suitable for her, and create a romantic surprise for her.In addition, pay attention to packaging and delivery details to create a romantic atmosphere.In short, gifts need to pay attention to her feelings and preferences, and take her satisfaction as the primary goal.

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