How to wear a photon sex underwear beautifully

How to wear a photon sex underwear beautifully

How to wear a photon sex underwear beautifully

Interest underwear has always been one of the important props for many women to show their sexy and charm.On the market, photon sex lingerie is favored by women because of its unique lighting effect.However, how can we wear photosynthesis underwear to wear good -looking effects?Here are some tips for you.

Choose the right style

First of all, it is critical to choose the right style.When choosing a photon erotic underwear, you must choose the right style according to your body and temperament. You cannot follow the trend blindly.

Add more selection details

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Secondly, it is also very important to choose more details.When buying and wearing photon sexy underwear, pay attention to the processing of details.For example, you can choose decorations such as diamonds or beads to increase the sense of detail. Against the light, you can be more eye -catching and increase the sense of fashion of the sexy underwear.

Details plus light, pay attention to color matching

In addition, when wearing a photon sexy underwear, the details and lights need to be paid attention to.For sexy underwear of different colors, when choosing a light, you can choose the corresponding light according to the color to achieve a better display effect.

Choose a suitable brightness

In addition, when choosing photon sex underwear, brightness also needs to be considered.Too bright or too dark light is not ideal for the display effect, so choose the appropriate brightness according to the actual situation, so that the sexy underwear is not only bright in the light, but also softer and warm.

Match other clothing

For the dressing of photon sex underwear, it is not just simple underwear or underwear.You can try to match photon sex underwear with other clothing, such as transparent stockings, lace skirts, high heels, etc. This not only increases the matching of sexy underwear, but also better shows women’s figure and charm.

Pay attention to skin care

When wearing photon sexy underwear, it is particularly important to focus on skin care.To keep the skin moist and smooth, and clean the skin before wearing it to prevent discomfort during wear due to skin allergies or wounds.

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If you want to make a photon sexy underwear more attractive, the creation of the atmosphere is also very important.Adjust the lights to the right brightness and color, choose the favorite music, and maybe you can prepare some sexy toys as an embellishment, so that the entire atmosphere should become more romantic and warm.

Confidence is the focus

In the end, the most important thing is confident.Only when you are truly confident in your heart can you wear unique charm of sexy underwear.

In short, wearing photon sex underwear is not just worn, but the handling of many tips and details requires us to pay attention.Of course, self -confidence is the most critical factor.Only by maintaining a good attitude at all times can you make yourself more natural and beautiful when wearing photon sexy underwear.