Latest sex underwear show 2018

Latest sex underwear show 2018

Background introduction

With the changes in social development and people’s aesthetic needs, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention and love.The latest sexy underwear show in 2018 is even more eye -catching.

Sexy without losing elegance

The main feature of the latest sexy lingerie show in 2018 is sexy and elegant.The designer has worked hard on the details of the underwear, making the visual effect of the underwear better and the higher wearing comfort.

Colorful pattern

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There is no longer only black and white and red, and a variety of colorful patterns appear in the 2018 sex underwear show, making the underwear more personalized and more fashionable.

unique design

In 2018, the sexy underwear design is more unique. It uses retro elements. It has different attempts in color, material and design to make these underwear more different.

Rich material

It is no longer limited to some traditional materials. In 2018, the sexy lingerie uses rich and diverse materials, such as silk, lace, mesh, leather, etc., allowing people to have more choices in wearing.

Intimate functional design

The functional design of erotic underwear is also more intimate and practical, such as the thickening of the underwear cup and widening the side, making the wear more comfortable and more fit.

Different body wearing prompts

Each woman has her own unique figure. The designers in the 2018 Interest Underwear Show also gave a tips for different figures.For example, for women with smaller chests, you can choose some wrinkled underwear; for women with full waist and hips, you can choose some underwear with waist and hips.



In addition to women’s underwear, the men’s underwear series also added to the 2018 Interest Underwear Show.Most of these men’s underwear are mainly sharp and simple, making wearers more confident.

Highlight the combination of personality

Interest underwear can also be matched with other items in the wardrobe to show personality.For example, you can wear simple daily wear with jeans and short skirts.

The emergence of fluorescence

The emergence of fluorescence is one of the latest sexy lingerie shows in 2018.These underwear are not only amazing in light, but also increase the mystery at night.


In 2018, the latest sexy underwear show fully satisfied people’s expectations for sexy underwear. The design style is more fashionable, the material is richer, and the functional design is more intimate. It is a very visual impact and comfortable performance.