My boyfriend always told me to wear sexy underwear

My boyfriend always told me to wear sexy underwear

My boyfriend always told me to wear sexy underwear

As a sexual underwear expert, I often hear customers complaining that boyfriends or husbands always ask them to wear sexy underwear, but I will not give reasonable reasons or explanations.Today, I will discuss the reason why my boyfriend is always calling his girlfriend to wear sexy underwear and the corresponding solution.

Why does a boyfriend like his girlfriend wearing a sexy underwear?

1. Stimulate male visual desire: Men are generally more visually visual. When you see your girlfriend wearing sexy sexy underwear, you will easily want to enter non -wrong and slowly increase your sexual interest with his girlfriend.This is also one of the main reasons for their girlfriends to wear sexy underwear.

2. Enhance sexual life and interest: When wearing sexy underwear in bed, it will be more interesting and exciting.Boyfriend may feel that sexual life is a bit boring, and wearing a sexy underwear can increase his sexual interest.

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3. Showing his girlfriend’s sexy charm: Boyfriend may feel that her girlfriend is very sexy and want her to show her more sexy charm.Wearing a sexy underwear is also a form of showing her beautiful girlfriend.

How to deal with the requirements of her boyfriend?

1. Share mood and thought: Boyfriend blindly asking his girlfriend to wear a sexy underwear will actually make his girlfriend feel frustrated, uncomfortable, and quilt.Talk to this question frankly with your boyfriend and share your thoughts and feelings.You can also tell your boyfriend directly that wearing sexy underwear may not make yourself feel comfortable.

2. Explore the choice that the two parties like: do not necessarily need to wear stockings with long thighs or red lace underwear, wearing some styles that they usually like, so that the two parties have more fun at the bed.You can buy sexy underwear suitable for both parties.

3. Establish self -confidence: Even if you choose to wear fun underwear, you need your own self -confidence.You can start with home clothing and underwear, and slowly let yourself enter the world of sexy underwear.And when wearing a sexy underwear, you should relax, treat sex underwear as your own tool, and make yourself more confident and sexy.

4. Understand the expectations of my boyfriend: We do not fully understand the expectations and needs of my boyfriend. He may have different preferences or sexuality trends.You can talk to his boyfriend about his preferences, or you can put what he needed in the long -term plan, and wait until he is ready before trying.

5. Getting rid of the pressure: Wearing sex underwear is not something that women must do, and it may not be able to resolve contradictions.Women should get rid of the pressure brought by her boyfriend, do not cater to each other, the most important thing is their own physical and mental health.

It is a common thing for a boyfriend to wear fun underwear, but there is no solution at all.Women can share their emotions, expectations and needs with her boyfriend, and establish a mechanism for communication and respect for both parties.In the end, we need to make ourselves feel comfortable and confident so that we can have a better sex life.