Novel to tear the sexy underwear

Falling underwear tears starts

In a passionate bed, sexy underwear is one of the indispensable props for creative sex.A sexy woman in sexy underwear can not only show their own advantages, but also allow men to ignite unlimited desires and become the ultimate role -playing in sex.

However, in the process of enthusiastic sex, tearing -of -sexy underwear has also become one of the very favorite experiences.Gently pull away the sexy lingerie strap or tears directly, so that the sensitive nerves of women’s body have been greatly stimulated.

Cotton underwear is not suitable for tearing

For sexy underwear, the actual need to tear should be considered when buying.If you are wearing it regularly, then thin -quality fabrics such as silk sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear are the most suitable styles for tearing.However, if you are wearing cotton underwear, the tear will cause the underwear fabric to defor, pull the mouth, and even affect the next wear.

Exhibition according to the characteristics of sexy underwear

When you tear up the sexy underwear, don’t grab the underwear at will and start to tear it vigorously. This will destroy the lines and wear effects of the underwear.You need to consider the characteristics of sexy underwear. Some underwear may be made of soft fabrics such as thin band or lace.This requires a gentle manner, and according to the characteristics of the underwear, carefully perform it.

Respect the other party’s choice

When using sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the agreement with the other half.Some women do not like tearing underwear, but want to keep it complete.If this is the choice of the other party, she should respect her wishes.Tearing of sexy underwear is to add sexual stimuli, not for compulsory behavior.

Emphasize obeying physical response

For tearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the reaction of your body.If the other half feels discomfort, or underwear damage causes scratch skin, then you need to stop tearing.When tearing the sexy underwear, you must always take the physical feelings of both sides as the premise.

Reasonable control

When tearing the sexy underwear, strength is also one of the very important factors.Excessive strength cannot bring stimuli, and excessive strength is easy to damage underwear.Reasonable strength can make women feel pain and stimulation, and experience unparalleled pleasure.

Cherish good erotic underwear

Some sexy lingerie styles are unique, high -end, and even customized styles, which require a certain cost and time to complete.For precious erotic underwear, we should tear and use cautiously so that they should bear the roles they should bear in the process of sex, rather than quickly destroy and consume.

Selection of sexy underwear

If you are worried that tearing the sexy underwear will cause losses, or if you reach a consensus with the other half, you don’t want to tear the underwear, then you can choose to replace props for sexual stimulation.For example, lubricants, handcuffs, eyes, etc. can effectively replace sexy underwear, bringing a more diversified stimulus experience.

The stimulus brought by tearing the sexy underwear

Tearing of sexy underwear is a part that cannot be ignored for passion.The elaborate sexy underwear is torn away at a suitable moment, which can maximize the desire between the two people.At the same time, sexy underwear tears is also one of the unique experiences in sex. It allows people to forget all their troubles in pleasure and quickly heat up to the orgasm state.

In the end, tearing of sexy underwear is not only a behavioral experience, but also psychological and emotional resonance and interaction.The combustion and desires of each other allows people to improve the quality of life from changes.Therefore, when we need to play with sex underwear, we need to control the strength, respect the wishes of the other party, cherish the good sexy underwear, safety love, and bring to each other to maximize the sex experience.

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