Play with love lingerie beauty school flower novels

Play with love lingerie beauty school flower novels

Play with love lingerie beauty school flower novels

With the advancement of modern society, sex and taste have also become an important part of people’s lives.And sex underwear has become an indispensable part of sex. It can not only improve the quality of sex entertainment, but also add interest and creativity.Today, I want to share with you through a novel, my sexual underwear experience.

1. First encounter

My girlfriend and I met in college. She was a beautiful school flower. I was attracted by her beauty.One day, she invited me to go to her dormitory. It was the first time I saw her wearing a sexy underwear.That sexy underwear is black, and there is a little perspective on the chest, which looks very sexy.I was fascinated by her, and that was the first time I saw a beautiful woman wearing sexy lingerie.

Second, amazing night

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That night she showed me her sexy underwear. Each set was very sexy, especially a red underwear with lace lace and stockings, which looked very sexy.I specially bought a set of sexy underwear as a gift for her, which was a set of purple underwear with perspective and lace decoration.Under the stimulation of these sexy underwear, we spent a stunning night.

Third, the dispute between sexy underwear

As our feelings deepen, I also love to buy sexy underwear more and more, but I find that my girlfriend does not seem to like them, and she prefers comfortable cotton underwear.There is a contradiction between us. I think sexy underwear can make us more sexy, and she thinks they are waste of money.

Fourth, find a balance point

In the end, we found a balance way: in special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or our birthday, we will wear sexy underwear, which can make our sexual life more interesting, and we usually wear comfortable ones.Cotton underwear.

5. The power of sexy underwear

After several years of marriage, I gradually discovered the true power of sexy underwear.When our lives are too busy, wearing sexy underwear can make our lives full of fun and fun, let us remember the love and passion between each other.

6. Confusion and challenges

Nevertheless, I still face some confusion and challenges.For example, sometimes I am interested in some new, sexy sexy underwear, and my girlfriend does not necessarily agree.At this time, I need to communicate well with her and find a solution that both sides are satisfied.


Seven, the importance of sexy underwear

Sex underwear has a very important role in improving the charm of sex entertainment and life.Wearing sexy underwear can make us more confident and sexy, thereby improving the quality of sex and enhancing intimate relationships.At the same time, sexy underwear can also make our lives more interesting and creative.

Eight, conclusion

In this novel, I want to share the impact of sexy underwear on my life through my own experience.Wearing erotic underwear can make our lives more interesting and full of interest.By increasing the stimulus and interest of each other, we can better enjoy a healthy and beautiful sex life.