Recommended with grade sexy lingerie brands

Recommended with grade sexy lingerie brands

Recommended with grade sexy lingerie brands

In recent years, with the increasingly open sex culture, the sexy underwear market has become more and more accepted and loved.Choosing a grade sexy underwear brand can allow you to ensure the style, design and quality of underwear.This article will introduce you to 8 -grade sexy underwear brands. They are:

1. Victoria ’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret)

In the global sexy underwear market, Victoria’s secret is a pretty well -known brand.There are many types of products and diverse styles, covering women of all ages.In addition, Victoria’s secrets also conduct various activities and publicity with the theme of "Angel", which is loved by female lovers.

2. Agent Provocateur

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Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand, known for its retro, sexy design and high -quality fabrics.It is no exaggeration to say that the teasing underwear design is the representative of the craft, and every detail is carefully polished by the designers.

3. La Perla (Rapella)

La Perla is a sexy underwear brand from Italy. In its just decades of history, it has become one of the representative brands of global sexy underwear.Rapella’s main is high -quality material and beautiful design. Its underwear allows each woman to have their own spring.

4. Jezebel

Jezebel is a sexy sexy underwear brand. Its design style is full of teasing and sexy elements, which has aroused many women’s interest.Jezebel’s underwear is also very good, and the price is relatively reasonable.

5. Agent Provocateur (Pleasure State)

Pleasure State is a brand owned by Agent Provocateur. Its diversified and high -quality underwear design brings more different styles of choices for women.Pleasure State’s underwear is not only beautiful, but also has both comfort and quality.

6. Wolford

Wolford is a brand from Austria. It is famous for its customized and excellent quality in the sexy underwear market. It is especially good at using strange fabrics and lace materials.Its literary and artistic underwear blends the traditional and popular elements of European and American.

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7. Chateelle

Chantelle is a French sex lingerie brand, and its style is full of fashion and elegant temperament.According to the flesh curve, their designers have created a underwear suitable for all ages and body shapes, and ensure that the quality and comfort are equal.

8. Calvin Klein (CK)

As one of the representatives of global brands, CK is not only known for its fashionable men’s and women’s clothing, but also has a high position in the sexy underwear market.Its high -quality fabrics and simple design styles are favored by consumers.


Choosing a grade sexy underwear brand means you can enjoy better quality and higher design level.These brands represent the highest level in terms of styles, quality, materials, and comfort, and each woman can find underwear that suits them.By choosing these brands, you will get better comfort and more beautiful.