Send to my ex -girlfriend sexy underwear

Send to my ex -girlfriend sexy underwear


Your former girlfriend asked, she asked you to send a sexy underwear.This may be a tricky thing for you, because you are not familiar with the types and styles of underwear.Don’t worry, this article will help you choose the right sexy underwear to surprise and satisfy her.

Choose the right skirt

How to determine the size of a girlfriend?

The size of the underwear may vary depending on the manufacturer, so please make sure to query the size of the brand you purchased.It is easy to make mistakes in size, so please check the size of the underwear you purchased.

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Know your girlfriend’s style

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is very important to understand the style of your girlfriend’s favorite.Some girls like basic models, while others like fancy designs.When choosing underwear, please remember his girlfriend’s style preference, which will make her feel valued.

Understand your budget

The price of sex underwear varies from brand, materials and design.Although it is easy to buy the most expensive underwear, you need to confirm your budget.Buying a high -priced underwear may make you feel uncomfortable, instead of making your girlfriend pay attention.

Maredis suit

Maredis suits usually have irritating, cute and sweet shapes.They are usually made of transparent materials, with lace lace or decoration on the clothes.If your girlfriend likes the basic model, at the beginning, you can start from some relatively conservative suits, and then gradually transfer to more challenging styles.

Bikini set

Bikini suite is a common sexy underwear. It usually has a sexy shape and is an excellent choice for showing body lines.These sets have the design of the swimsuit, but they usually use softer and more teasing materials.If your girlfriend is challenging, this may be a good choice.

Light and transparent set

Plus Bustiers & Corsets

Light and transparent sets are usually made of lace, transparent or similar materials, suitable for those who want to show more skin.These sets are usually combined with beautiful design, such as bow or enthusiastic colors.

Pocket muse set

The design style of the pocket muse set is very interesting.They are usually made of soft materials and have a "pocket" shape.These pockets are usually tailored and can show their girlfriend’s beautiful legs.

Bonding transparent set

The shape of the restraint transparent suit is usually very irritating, suitable for those girlfriends who like strange and challenging styles.These sets are usually more expensive than other types of underwear, but the experiences they provide may be difficult to describe in words.

Leather suite

Leather suits are usually mainly black and are made of high -quality leather materials.They usually have a sexy and machine -sensitive design.This sexy underwear is suitable for those girlfriends who are more interested in sex games. If you have a trust relationship between you, it is a very interesting attempt to match sex toys and leather suits.

Nostalgic set

Nostalgic sets usually use traditional underwear design, such as suspenders, bellybands and shoulder -free underwear.They are usually made of lace or similar materials, suitable for those who love back history.


If you can choose and buy sexy underwear correctly, then you and your girlfriend will have a very special night.Of course, this is just one aspect, and there are other things to notice, such as your attitude and behavior.The most important thing is to make her feel attention and attention.