Sex underwear cloth strip video

Sex underwear cloth strip video

Fun underwear cloth strip is a sexy and stylish matching method, which brings dynamic and confidence to women.Here are some analysis of some sexy lingerie cloth strips.

1. Understand love underwear cloth strip

The erotic lingerie cloth is used to use the materials such as silk ribbon, ribbon, mesh, belt, etc., combine the sexy underwear with these straps, and staggered the skin to form a peculiar trick.

2. How to choose sexy lingerie cloth strips

You should consider the underwear style to your own body proportion. Choosing the appropriate cloth strip can highlight your advantages. At the same time, you should also pay attention not to reveal important parts.

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3. Putting sexy underwear cloth strip

First choose a underwear that is suitable for you, then select the appropriate color and accessories combination, and choose different styles of cloth strips according to personal preferences.

4. Basic version cloth strip

The basic version is a relatively simple cloth strip. Using a single color or print cloth strip, you can wear a sexy and playful feeling.

5. Complex version cloth strip

According to different occasions and atmosphere, the complex version of the cloth strip can choose a cloth strip of different lengths and different colors, which is more variable than the basic version.

6. A cloth strip with an artistic sense

You can use jewelry, bow and other accessories to create a more artistic flavor and make you more personalized choices.

7. Tropo show


The undressed show is the most challenging cloth strip, which requires certain professional skills, body advantages and performance experience.

8. Selection of fabric materials

Some high -quality erotic underwear require professional fabrics, such as breathable, soft, comfortable, and non -irritating materials, which has a good protective effect on their bodies.

9. Periodic replacement

It is necessary to replace underwear regularly, because the fabric changes in the underwear, the changes in human body, hand washing, water washing, etc. will affect the life of the underwear.

10. Summary view

Fun underwear cloth strip is a very sexy and personalized fashion that allows women to show their sexy and charm, but also need to pay attention to the appropriate choice to avoid destroying their image.