Sex underwear model scam unveiled pictures

Sex underwear model scam unveiled pictures

Sexy underwear model scam reveals

Due to its special design style, sexy underwear often needs models to display.However, in order to obtain higher returns, some bad merchants have adopted some immoral and even illegal means to implement sexy underwear model scams.Below, let’s reveal this scam.

False employment advertisement

This scam is usually implemented through false employment ads.These scammers will make some attractive advertisements, claiming that they need to recruit sexy underwear models, high work income, and comfortable working environment.However, these advertisements often have no actual basis.

Collection of registration fees

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In order for more people to be deceived, these scammers generally charge registration fees.It is said that it is necessary to pay a certain registration fee for participating in the interview. This fee may ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.And these scammers usually set some training courses to deceive the participants to pay the course fee, so that the victims cannot return the money.

False interviews and auditions

In order to let the victims believe that this is a real interview and audition, these scammers will make some false arrangements.They may ask the victims to go to some strange places and conduct some weird tests.These tests may have nothing to do with the work of sexy underwear and models, and it is some false and meaningless tests.

Binding sales routine

In order to obtain more profits, some scammers have adopted a routine of bundling sales.They may ask the model to buy some so -called "sexy underwear trial sets" and take photos during the trial.And the price of these sets is usually very high, which means that models need to buy these sets to go further.

Discipline to deceive photos and videos

Once the model purchases these high -priced "trials", the scammers can start to cheat photos and videos.When the model tries to trial, they ask for photos of the sexy underwear to try on, and they usually deliberately set the angle of taking pictures during the trial process in order to better cheat photos.The model did not expect when buying a suit that these photos and videos may be used for some described uses.

Black with photos and videos

Liars usually use photos and videos of the victims for extortion.They will publish these photos and videos in the name of the model to request a certain ransom.And these ransoms are usually not solved by a few hundred yuan, and victims need to pay more fees to restore the reputation and privacy of affected affected.


The association requires the model to pay the membership fee

Some scammers ask models to pay a certain amount of membership in the name of false associations.They claim that joining this association can get more ways to avoid risks, and victims are usually deceived that this is an important part of their chances.Moreover, the price of some associations may be very high, especially for those who are newer for newcomers.

Pay the deposit to the studio

In order to better control their models, some bad businesses often set up some so -called studios and pay high margins to models.However, these margins are often false, and the studio’s policy and personnel structure also has many opaque and illegal situations.Therefore, before paying a deposit to the studio, some models must think carefully and decide carefully.


Whether from the perspective of merchants or from the perspective of models, this sexy underwear model scam is a very dangerous phenomenon.Therefore, we should maintain high vigilance to avoid the fierceness of this scam.In addition, if we encounter such scams, we must report and complain to relevant departments in time to avoid more people being deceived.