Sex underwear movie coding

Sex underwear movie coding

Why does sex underwear movie be coded?

The plot in the movie will inevitably involve some sexy underwear scenes, and these scenes can easily cause some controversy and discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to code the sexy underwear in it to achieve a proper cover effect.

What are the current erotic underwear coding?

At present, there are two main types of erotic underwear coding. One is to use computer software coding, and the other is to use special devices to install special devices to code sex underwear.

What does sexy underwear code affect the movie?

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In the movie, the coding of sexy underwear will have an impact on the atmosphere of the entire movie scene. It may disrupt the original rhythm and emotional expression, so it needs to be handled with caution.

How to ensure the effect of sexy underwear coding?

In order to ensure the effects of sexy underwear coding, in the process of film production, special teams need to evaluate the scene, and take appropriate code measures to avoid defects that have no full coverage of erotic underwear.

Will the love underwear code affect the audience?

After coding, the erotic underwear will be visually covered with, but it may not have a lot of impact on the audience.At the same time, if the code is not appropriate, it may also make the audience embarrassed and troubled.

Does coding affect the display effect of sexy underwear in the movie?

If the sexy underwear is coded properly, it can fully meet the needs of the film plot, and does not affect the display effect of the sexy underwear itself.However, if improper coding will affect the display effect of sexy underwear, which will greatly reduce the attention of sexy underwear.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear coding?

The advantage of sexy underwear coding is that it can control the way of showing erotic underwear in the sensory category of the audience, and can effectively avoid disputes and disputes caused by erotic underwear scenes in different moral society.However, sexy underwear coding can also damage the beauty of the sexy underwear itself.


Does coding affect the sales of sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is presented in its artistic aesthetics, but it will weaken its visual effect after the sexy underwear is coded, which may in turn may weaken the tastes of audiences and consumers and affect sales.

How to avoid coding of sexy underwear while ensuring the plot?

In order to avoid coding of sexy underwear, the effects and plots of the movie can be adjusted to avoid the impact of sexy underwear on the entire movie scene.For example, when the plot does not require related sexy underwear scenes, it will omit it.


As a part of film aesthetics, sexy underwear needs to respect the essence of sexy underwear and try our best to control its discomfort on the audience or investors.In the process of erotic underwear coding, you need to accurately evaluate the situation and cover the face, so as to show the beauty of the sexy underwear as much as possible.The ultimate goal is to minimize the impact of erotic underwear coding on the audience’s senses, and at the same time allow the audience to better understand and appreciate the beauty of sexy underwear.