Sex underwear number collection

Sex underwear number collection

Sex underwear number collection: What is the number?

When buying sexy underwear, you may notice that each product has a unique number, which is the number.The number is a coding system for identifying adult entertainment products.These codes are usually composed of letters and numbers, which can tell you the manufacturers, brands, materials, colors, styles and other information of this sexy underwear.

Category: Types of Fun Underwear Number

There are several different classification methods in sex underwear. The following are some common classification methods:

Classification of manufacturers or brands

Metal Bling Chemise Dress – YX714

Classified according to clothing types, such as swimsuits, skirts, bra, etc.

Classified by materials, such as silk, nylon, lace, etc.

Classified by color, such as black, red, white, etc.

Analysis of the number: understand the meaning of the sexy underwear number

Knowing the meaning of the number can make you better understand the characteristics and materials of this sexy underwear.Here are some common numbers:

AV means the number of Japanese adult films, but it can also be used for sexy underwear

OB represents a transparent and personal material, which is usually used for bra, underwear and bottom pants

Silk means silk material, usually used for nighttop and cheongsam

LACE indicates that lace materials are usually used on women’s underwear, swimsuits and skirts


Brand introduction: Understand the main brands of love underwear

There are many sexy underwear brands on the market. The following are some of the main brands:

Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret): The famous American sexy underwear brand is famous for its stylish styles and high -quality materials.

Adoreme: A newly interesting underwear brand in the United States, its products are well received with good quality and affordable prices.

La Perla: Italian brand, known for its high -end materials and manufacturing processes, has a high product price.

Style classification: different styles of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear has a variety of different styles. The following is some common style classifications:

Bra: Classified by cup -shaped, such as Triangle Cup, full cup, half cup, no trace cup, etc.

Underpants: Classified by covering the area, such as thongs, T pants, briefs, flat trousers, etc.

Sleeping skirt: classification according to length, such as short, medium models, long models, etc.

Swimsuit: Classified according to the occasion of use, such as bikini, Japanese swimsuit, bellyband, etc.

Differential quality: How to judge the quality of sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, in addition to paying attention to the number and brand of products, you also need to pay attention to its quality.Here are some ways to judge the quality of sexy underwear:

Material quality: Good erotic underwear uses high -end materials, while inferior products use cheap materials.

Workman work: Poor quality and erotic underwear may have obvious flaws in terms of sutures and closes.

Bid price: Good erotic underwear is high in price, and inferior sexy underwear is low in price.

Sexy underwear care: How to maintain sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires care. The following are some ways to maintain sexy underwear:

Hand washing: Interesting underwear should be washed first, do not use washing machines.

Drying: Fun underwear should be twisted to avoid squeezing hard.

Category management: Different types of sexy underwear should be stored separately to avoid mixing.

Interesting underwear is fashion: sexy underwear is not only sexy, but also fashionable

Although sexy underwear is mainly regarded as a sexy underwear, more and more brands have begun to launch more fashionable sexy underwear, including novel design, diverse styles, and rich colors.Interest underwear is not just a tool to satisfy desire. It can also be a reflection of fashion, confidence and self -expression.

Conclusion: The charm of sexy underwear cannot be ignored

In modern times, sexy underwear has become a cultural phenomenon that cannot be ignored.Whether it is to satisfy your desires or to pursue fashion, sexy underwear is a field worth paying attention to and exploring.