Sex underwear squeezed out breasts

Sex underwear squeezed out breasts

Why does sex underwear squeeze out breasts?

Interest underwear is a sexy underwear. The main purpose is to help women show their body curve, making people feel sexy and tempting.Although the selection and dressing of sexy underwear is different from conventional underwear, it can still make the wearer feel a comfortable experience.

1. Soft cup erotic underwear: comfortable and breast squeezing

Soft cup erotic underwear is a underwear without any steel ring or hard cushion, which is usually made of soft fabric and appropriate filling.When women wear soft cups sexy underwear, the material and design of the underwear will make the chest closer, strengthen the compression effect, and enable the breasts to produce a natural squeezing effect.

2. Push a cup of sexy underwear: pretend to be larger

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Pushing cup sex underwear is a kind of underwear with arc -shaped pads, which is usually used in B cups or more breasts.The purpose of this underwear is to make the chest look more bold and plump.Its design is to gather and improve the chest to create a plump suspension effect.

3. Full -cover cup of fun underwear: show the perfect figure

Full cup of sexy underwear is a underwear covering the chest. It can perfectly wrap each chest outline and shape them into an ideal shape.Because the full -cover cup of fun underwear uses more materials, it brings strong support effects, which squeeze the breasts into the ideal position.

4. Half -cup cup of sexy underwear: reveal your beauty

The design of the half -covered cup is different from the whole cup. It only covers the upper part of the chest, while the lower part is exposed.This underwear is usually used to emphasize the upper part of the chest, making the chest look fuller, sexy and attractive.

5. Massage erotic underwear: dredging breast blood circulation

Massage sex underwear is a new type of sexy underwear, which has the functions of massage, conditioning breasts, delaying breast sagging, and preventing breast hyperplasia.It uses vibration or microcomputer vibration technology to stimulate the breast and acupoints, achieve the effect of dredging the breast and improving blood circulation, and can also increase the feeling and stimulus of breasts.

6. Long sexy underwear: temptation is more charming

Long sexy underwear is a kind of close -up pajamas, usually made of soft fabrics.This underwear can be extended to the top of the hips or thighs, making the curve of women more high -definition, and can create more tempting effects, making you look more charming and sexy.


7. Stockings sex underwear: perfect bare body

Stockings erotic underwear is a seductive underwear, suitable for naked body parts and displaying female curves.Although the stocks are not a style for the chest, it is often worn with the corset, which can perfectly armed the lines of the chest and hips.It is also suitable for women who want to make their long legs look more slender.

8. Stable sexy underwear: stable and protection of chest tissue

Stable sexy underwear is usually made of tight and elastic materials.Their designs have better protected and stable breasts, reducing chest vibration and shaking, thereby making sports and daily life more comfortable.

in conclusion

Interest underwear has a variety of styles and designs, which can show a variety of sexy and tempting.When you understand the type and function of the underwear, you can choose the right sexy underwear, squeeze out the breasts and show your ideal figure.