Sex underwear treatment

Sex underwear treatment

Sex underwear treatment

Interest underwear is a very personalized clothing. It often adopts sexy and hot styles and is widely used in the fields of sex activities, sex services.However, the maintenance and cleaning of this kind of clothing is also very critical. If it is incorrectly treated, it may have a adverse effect on health and dressing effects.This article will discuss the problem of sexy underwear.

Choose the right underwear cleaning agent

Choosing the right underwear cleaning agent is a key step. Most of the sexy underwear uses complex fiber materials and decorations, such as inlaid sequins, lace lace, mesh, diamonds, buckle ring, etc. You need to use special cleaning agents to use it.Better protection and cleaning.

Wash separately by the underwear material

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Different erotic underwear materials are different, and they need to be classified and cleaned according to the actual situation.For example, cotton fabrics can be used for strawberry detergent, soft liquid, etc. Silk, lace, and sequins need to use professional cleaning agents, while leather materials should be used to avoid water washing and use special leather cleaner to take care of them.


The material of the sexy underwear is very delicate. If it is not properly scrubbed, it will cause some stain residues.Therefore, in the process of cleaning, you must be fully soaked. You can first soak the sexy underwear in warm water and then use the appropriate cleaning agent for cleaning.

Avoid soaking for too long

Although it is necessary to make full bubbles, the long soaking time will also cause damage to sexy underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not to be too long when soaking, and it is best not to exceed 30 minutes.Otherwise, the material of the sex underwear will be damaged or even damaged.

Gently hand -wash

The fabrics of sexy underwear are generally very soft and fragile, so it must be very soft during the cleaning process. Do not rub or wire hard.It is best to gently press the palm to help the cleaning agent penetrate the inside of the underwear to achieve a better cleaning effect.

Avoid machine washing

Interest underwear is generally handmade. If cleaning machine is cleaned, it may cause damage to it. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using machine washing.If you need to use machine washing, it is best to choose a gentle mode.

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Prevent direct sunlight

Interest underwear is usually a charming and sexy style. Once direct sunlight, it may cause degeneration and material damage.Therefore, it is best to avoid direct sunlight when drying, and choose a ventilated and cool place for drying.

Keep dry before returning

After the cleaning is completed, sexy underwear needs to be kept under dry environment to avoid problems such as humidity and mold breeding.It is best to choose a dry and ventilated place for returning.

The point of this article

How to properly handle erotic underwear is a necessary skill to help maintain your sexy underwear and ensure its sexy, stylish and exquisite wear effect.When dealing with sexy underwear, you must pay attention to accurate the cleaning agent, separate cleaning, fully soak, avoid excessive soaking, soft hand washing, avoid machine washing, prevent direct sunlight, keep dry, etc. to ensure the quality and safety of sexy underwearEssence