Sex underwear wears bra

Sex underwear wears bra

1. Why do I need a fun underwear to wear bras?

In addition to improving personal sentiments and temperament, sexy underwear can also make yourself feel more confident and sexy.In sexy underwear, bras are the essential items for each woman. Wearing bras can make women’s figures more perfect and sexy and charming.

2. How to choose sexy lingerie bras?

First of all, you need to choose the right bra for your body and chest size.If women with relatively small chests, you can choose a thick -pad style to make the chest fuller; women with large breasts can choose a centralized or steel circle style, which can effectively support the breast and make the breast more upright upright uprightEssence

Third, how to correctly wear sexy lingerie bras?

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First of all, you need to choose the appropriate bras of the bras according to your bust and cups.Secondly, you need to loosen your shoulder straps and busts, put your bras on your chest, and stuff your breasts into the cup.Then, buckle the back button, adjust the tightness of the shoulder straps and bust, so that the bra will not slip or leak too tight.

Fourth, how to maintain sexy lingerie bra?

First of all, you need to follow the instructions for the washing of the sexy underwear to clean and maintain the underwear bra.Secondly, it is best to wash it by hand, use neutral detergent to avoid the use of high temperature water or bleaching agent.Of course, you can also use a underworld bag to be gently washed in the washing machine.

5. Sling bras in sexy underwear

The suspender bras are one of the more common styles in sexy underwear. It can effectively make women’s shoulder lines more charming, and perfectly match summer items such as vests and suspenders.

6. Steel rim bra in sexy underwear

Steel rim bra is also a more common style in sexy underwear. It can effectively support women’s breasts and make the breasts more upright and stylish.Moreover, the steel ring design can increase the stability of the bra, so that the chest will not shake or out.

7. Gathering bras in sexy underwear

Gathering bras can effectively "squeeze" the chest together, making the V -line lines that penetrate the chest vertically.If you want to make your chest look fuller, you can consider choosing a clustering bra.


Eight, the shoulder strap branches in sexy underwear

The shoulder strap bra can make the shoulder lines more beautiful and make the figure more charming.If you like low -cut clothing, you may wish to choose a wide shoulder strap bra. This can effectively avoid the troubles of slippery shoulder straps.

Nine, the branches of no steel circle in sexy underwear

No steel rim bra is one of the more comfortable styles in sexy underwear. Without the constraints of the steel ring, you can support the chest more naturally and make the skin better breathe.

Ten, the front buckle bras in sexy underwear

The front buckle bras have convenient and fast characteristics, which can not only help women put on or take off their bras more easily, but also make women more convenient to wear low -cut tops.


In short, when choosing and wearing sexy lords, you need to choose the right style and size according to your body and preferences to achieve a more sexy and confident effect.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the correct cleaning and maintenance methods to make the lingerie bras more durable and bring yourself a more comfortable dressing experience.