Sexual Culture Expo Falling Underwear Show

Sexual Culture Expo Falling Underwear Show


Recently, the Global Culture Expo was held in Shanghai, and various sexual cultural exhibits appeared one by one. Among them, it was eye -catching.As one of the sex products, sexy underwear is both a symbol of sexy and equipment that meets personal needs.Below, I will introduce this grand erotic underwear show.

Protagonist debut

The sexy underwear show, the first thing to appear is the underwear itself.On the stage, every novel and unique underwear has been cheered from the audience.Various styles of erotic underwear appear in three consecutive places, from stripes to lace dress with beaded lace dress, each has a different taste.


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There are many styles of sexy underwear. From pink lace jumpsuits to seemingly simple white black striped underwear, each has different styles and characteristics.Some exquisite details, such as bow and ribbon, show the feminine side.

Sexy charm

Interest underwear is not only exquisitely designed, but also to release the sexy charm of women.European and American tight underwear highlights the curve of the chest and waist, while the transparent lace underwear is charming and moving, leaving a deep impression.Seeing the "sexy" performed by these female models, hundreds of male audiences have made amazing and warm applause.


The matching of sexy underwear is also a big highlight of the show scene.Some underwear is matched as a suit to show their high individual characteristics.For example, the model wearing a blue wig is wearing a black conjoined dress. The deep V -neck design shows sexy, and with long boots, it instantly enhances the overall sense of fashion.

Special material

The material of sexy underwear is also full of tricks, such as silk, gauze, lace, etc.Among them, lace underwear occupies a representative position.The lace material is breathable and soft, and the sexy expression is very high.And it can well wrap the chest and highlight the chest shape.


As a special underwear, sexy underwear can be said to be "face value" very high.Each underwear has bright colors, such as rose red, black and very light milky white, fashionable but not losing women’s softness.There is a color or design suitable for everyone.


Men’s clothing

Sex underwear can also be the first choice for men.Men can wear high -waist underwear, such as denim underwear full of personality style with interesting elements, which is different from the brand slogan "Sexy from the details" design concept.

Non -mainstream design

Some non -mainstream sexy underwear design breaks through the existing model through special details and non -traditional patterns.Although not everyone can "hold", they are also presented by artistic creation, and they have become an important part of sexy underwear.


In general, the sexy underwear show has given us some important aesthetic values, and let more people start paying attention to the sex and sex products industry.Not only the expression of personality, the form of clothing, the complexity of the design, and the quality of the execution, but also a cultural and beautiful cultural book written to us.


Sexy underwear is part of the exquisite and beautiful appearance of modern women, and it is a sexy image representative to the world.The influence of sexual culture cannot be ignored. It is part of our cultural burden, and it is also the expression and exploration of modern romantic charm. It is the legitimacy and recognition of sexual relationships and morality.Therefore, while we need to obtain the happiness of ourselves, we also need to abide by the principles of respect and voluntary voluntary, and to be an inquirler with responsibility in the future.