Sexual underwear buyer with picture evaluation

Sexual underwear buyer with picture evaluation

Naive Ghost Creasable Low underwear Set

This naive ghost milk ring low -cut underwear suit is really cute!When I saw the picture, I immediately placed the order, and the real thing was more perfect.

The chest shape is very obvious, not meat, it is very comfortable to stick to the body.The material feels soft and wears very breathable.

In short, I am very satisfied, I recommend it to the loved girls.

Lake Light Print Sexy underwear

15D Large Band Top Sheer Stockings – 7231

This lake printing sexy underwear is very temperamental, especially the lace design, it looks beautiful.It can cover the size of the chest, and it is very suitable to wear it. It does not make people feel that the chest is too squeezed or naked.

The workmanship is also great, there is no thread or flaw.However, the size is a bit small. It is recommended that you consider one size when you buy it.

Monster printed set

This monster printed suit is very suitable for lively and cute girls. It looks very interesting to match it.The chest shape is very good, a bit anterior, which can effectively highlight the chest.

The only thing that is not very good is that the material of this underwear is a bit thick, and it will be a bit stuffy to wear.It is recommended not to choose this kind of style when you wear it in summer.

Lace perspective three -point underwear suit

This lace perspective three -point underwear suit is really sexy!Looking at it makes people’s heartbeat accelerate.The material is soft and comfortable, and the lace is very textured.

But for girls with large breasts, this style may not be suitable.The three -point underwear’s chest display is very good, but the support is not enough, and it will not be as comfortable as ordinary underwear.

Pure -colored Maid Set

Lingerie Set

This solid maid suit is very cute, colorful, and three -dimensional lace pattern.The chest shape is very good and the comfort is also very high.

However, the skirt is a bit short, which may slightly expose the root of the thighs. It may not be suitable for girls with not perfect leg shape or not very embarrassed to expose their thighs.

Black lotus petal sling underwear

This black lotus petal sling underwear is very suitable for girls with larger chests.Because it has a fake chest pad inner, it can effectively breast enhancement, and reveals the chest shape, making people look full of chest.

The width of the suspender is also just right, and it feels like it is worn.That is, the material is a bit thin, and the transparency is high. You need to pay attention to the clothes.

Drop -type perspective underwear suit

Drop -type perspective underwear suits are my favorite one.The design of this underwear is very special. The center of the chest is like water droplets. It can stand up the chest and wear it very sexy.

The texture of the material is very good, and the workmanship is fine.The overall looks very grade, which is definitely a good choice for a tasteful woman.

Lace hollow three -point set

This lace hollow three -point set is very exciting, not only very beautiful, but also the design is also very characteristic.The so -called three -point style means that the pants are separated, and you can put on panties, which is especially suitable for girls with long legs.

Although it is a three -point underwear, the support of the chest is very good, and the chest shape is also very good.This underwear is superb quality, and it is the most cost -effective one I bought.

Bow perspective underwear suit

This bow see -through underwear suit makes people feel very suitable for dating, and the atmosphere is romantic.The underwear has a fake chest pad, which can effectively breast enhancement, and the chest shape is impressed by people.

But it feels that the type of underwear is not suitable for girls with large breasts.A little compressed the chest, and it is easy to get tired after wearing it for a long time.

Lace camisar off -shoulder underwear suit

This lace band off -shoulder underwear suit is very suitable for summer.It looks particularly fresh and sweet, revealing the feeling of health and nature.

The effect of wearing a chest shape is very good, and the style is very decent, which will not make people feel too sexy.In short, it is a very good choice.

Overall view

These sexy underwear are very popular suppliers. Each style has its own unique personality and style.Of course, each girl’s body is different, so the most suitable underwear style may be different.

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size selection, which is suitable for your own style and comfort.You can choose a style that suits you according to your needs and preferences.The above is only for your reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.