Sexy lingerie new wedding novels

Sexy lingerie new wedding novels


As early as in ancient times, women paid attention to modifying their bodies and showed their beauty with different styles of clothing. Among them, sexy underwear, as a special type of underwear, has always been welcomed by women.This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of sexy underwear and the style and matching methods suitable for newlyweds.

The concept of sexy underwear

Interest underwear originated in the West and is a special underwear that emphasizes sexy and romantic.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy lingerie is better and has a better texture. Sometimes some special auxiliary materials are added to achieve more sexy results.

How do newlywed couples choose sexy underwear

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For newlyweds, the main purpose of choosing sexy underwear is to enhance sexuality and romantic atmosphere, so you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Color choice.White, pink, red, and black are often used to represent romance, warmth, enthusiasm and mystery, and are suitable for newlyweds in the boudoir.

2. style choice.The newlywed couple can choose a smaller sexy underwear to show the curve of the chest and increase the charm of sexy.

3. Selection of fabrics.Newly -married couples can choose suitable fabrics according to their physical conditions, such as soft, skin -friendly cotton or more flexible silk.

Sex and Emotional Lingerie Series

With the development of the times, sexy underwear has also been sought after by more and more women. Sexuality and erotic underwear series are the most popular one of them. The common styles are:

1. Lace erotic underwear.The use of lace fabrics with a bow design with a bow design is the best choice for increasing sexy charm.

2. Cat and women’s suit.The design of the cat and women’s set is inspired by the catwoman dress. This set usually includes a jacket and a hat with cat ears, which is suitable for newlywed couples who love cosplay.

3. Perspective erotic underwear.Performing erotic underwear is usually designed to have a translucent effect, so as to show the sexy charm of women, suitable for those sexy underwear that wants to show the contour of the carcass and more consistent with sexual supplies.


European and American sex lingerie series

European and American sex lingerie series often uses special shoulder straps and chest rings as the main design elements to show the sexy charm of women. The representative product is:

1. Tibetan sexy underwear.The hammo erotic underwear is derived from the American style. It usually uses silk, lace, fastening, and deep V -neck design.

2. Ribbon sexy underwear.The characteristic underwear of the shoulder strap is derived from the French style. It is usually made of lace, peach skin, and silk, and only a very small shoulder strap.

3. Funding underwear.The chest circle sex lingerie is the most classic European and American sexy underwear. It often uses elements such as deep V, bow and various lace to show the body curve of women.

Adult sex lingerie series

Adult erotic lingerie series is a special sexy underwear. It is usually liked by people who like to abuse, role -playing and SM atmosphere. The styles they often use are:

1. Rest up sexy underwear.This underwear uses ribbons or multiple facial strips to tightly bind the body and maintain coverage at the same time, increasing sexual stimulation.

2. Ruddy pants sex underwear.This underwear is a penetrating diaper with curing urine and locking urine, which is suitable for newlyweds who like character playing.

3. Open crotch erotic underwear.Open crotch erotic underwear is designed to facilitate sexual behavior. Usually, the side, hem, cutouts, etc. bring a comfortable experience to the couple.

Newlywed couple sexy underwear wearing skills

After choosing sexy underwear, the newlywed couple also needs to pay attention to wearing skills. The following are some small suggestions:

1. Pursue matching.Newly -married couples can choose sexy lingerie styles and accessories to pursue a more matched matching effect.

2. Follow the body.Pay attention to your posture when wearing a sexy underwear and wear underwear out of your own charm.

3. Pay attention to details.Details show taste, so new people should also pay attention to every detail when wearing sexy underwear.

Falling underwear maintenance

Maintenance of sexy underwear is also a critical thing. The following are several suggestions:

1. Washing method.When washing in sex underwear, pay attention to mixing with the same color and similar clothing; use special texture washing powder; clean water at low temperature, do not use mechanical stirring.

2. Drying method.Interests of underwear should be dried in a place where light, ventilation, and drying, to prevent exposure and be affected by high temperature.

3. Storage method.One of the ways to storage of sexy underwear is to store according to the characteristics of the underwear, such as using a matching box, paper bag, hook and other methods.


All in all, sexy underwear, as a special type of underwear, can not only show the body’s body curve, but also enhance the sexual interest and romance between husband and wife.When choosing a sexy lingerie, the newlywed couple should choose according to their needs and physical conditions, and pay attention to the correct method and maintenance method of sexy underwear to extend their service life and let themselves have the most beautiful appearance in the most beautiful time.Essence