Sexy Lingerie Sister Novels

Sexy Lingerie Sister Novels

Sexy Lingerie Sister Novels

Sexy underwear is part of the trend of sexy women today. Every woman wearing sexy underwear can feel a confidence and sexy atmosphere.Today, I want to share a real little story. It tells how I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills about sexy underwear through the exchange with sexy underwear clerks, and practiced how to choose the most suitable sexy underwear.

The best way to wear underwear

One day, I walked into a sexy underwear shop and found that a sister was sorting out the section of her underwear. I started to be very interested in her work.She pointed out what is the best way to wear underwear?She suggested that I choose a panties that are slightly wider than the underwear she wore, so that they can breathe better and reduce the accumulation of sweat.

Sexy underwear is not only a surprise for the partner

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My sister told me that sexy underwear can not only bring temptation and surprise to my partner, but also enhance my self -confidence and sexy charm.I first bought underwear to make myself more charming, but now I have realized that this is far from its only role.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

You need some skills to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.The recognized rules are that small breasts should choose underwear with filling cups or other needles. Big breasts should choose underwear with supporting effects. T -shaped underwear or suspenders is also a more appropriate choice.However, my sister reminded me that the most important thing is to ensure that the underwear is comfortable and breathable without any discomfort.

"AFTERSALES" maintenance of sexy underwear

After buying sexy underwear, I started to re -consider how to better maintain and clean them.My sister suggested that I wash my underwear in hand, use a mild cleaner and follow the suggestions in the manual.She also said that I should avoid using a dryer to dry underwear, because this would destroy fiber and shorten the life.

"Hidden" of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, people usually focus on materials, color and bundling design.However, my sister showed me some "hidden" characteristics.For example, choosing soft fabrics can avoid any discomfort; the lines of underwear are not always visible, sometimes very soft, and can reduce the negative impact of Impressionist style.

What should I pay attention to when sexy underwear with corset?

When buying a corset, I started to pay attention to its color, style and cutting.However, my sister taught me to pay attention to determining my size and underwear style.Although some fun underwear is very suitable, some will make you look caught off guard when matching.So we should have a certain understanding of the corset.



My sister told me that I must relax and enjoy the shopping process.Shopping can be very pleasant and relaxed, so don’t think of choosing sexy underwear as a painful task.From it, look for your own inspiration and enjoy the benefits of your own underwear to yourself.

How to perform yourself perfectly

My sister suggested that when I choose color and style, I must fully consider my personal style and personality.Although most people like red, black and white, sometimes more obvious colors can bring you more personality charm.

Create a unique personality

In the end, my sister encouraged me not to be afraid to try new things boldly when matching underwear.Whether it is challenging a pure black or pure white style or the color of the underwear with a bra, do not stop trying to try to create a unique and attractive personality.


Through the communication with the sister -in -law of the sexy underwear, I learned a lot of knowledge and practical experience in sexy underwear.From choosing the underwear that suits you to creating your own unique personality, these experiences can help anyone who wants to improve his sexy charm.Just relax, enjoy the shopping process, and remember that the comfort of the underwear is more important than any other factors.