Sexy underwear anchor beauty

Sexy underwear anchor beauty

Interesting underwear anchor beauty: taste and sexy merger


If you like to watch beauty anchors on the live broadcast platform, you must also notice more and more current sex underwear anchors.They are often sexy, and they show all kinds of underwear, various shapes, and wearing different roles for fans.This shape expresses the merger of taste and sexy. This article will introduce the mainstream sexy underwear type and explain their balance between many tastes and sexy.

Sex underwear type

Sexy underwear is usually divided into the following categories: beautiful back lace underwear, cup underwear, suspended underwear, etc.These types are different and can project different tastes.What kind of erotic underwear what women wear, based on the feeling of her?

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Beautiful back lace underwear

The characteristic of beautiful back lace underwear is exposed on the back, with hollow or mesh design on the back, sexy without losing small freshness.This underwear is suitable for women with good figure and skin, or women with back tattoos.It is suitable for couples who make caressing on the back.


The most common types of cup underwear are triangular cups and cotton cups.The former’s cup fabric is triangular, suitable for women with small chests and flatteners.The latter adds cotton to the cup to give the chest more support.Cup underwear has a variety of models, with ultra -thin silk types, creative printing types, and so on.Overall, cup underwear is the most common sexy underwear, which is suitable for wearing in many situations.

Sling underwear

Strait underwear is often used in spring and summer, and can be used as a vest or directly as a pajamas.It can be a thin band on the chest or ultra -broadband.The bra can be a plastic cup or a lace bra.This underwear is suitable for women who want to wear outside, and the process is like a model performance.

Half a cup of underwear

Half cups of underwear usually refer to lace bra, but it can also add cup elements.It will make the chest look fuller, and the body will be more beautiful.This underwear is suitable for women who are not full of chest.

Different tastes displayed by sexy underwear


No matter what type of sexy underwear, it has its own taste for women.Some women pay more attention to sexy and more willing to reflect the romantic style; some women pay more attention to their personality and are willing to try strange styles and colors.The differences in these tastes will directly affect their choices.

The relationship between sexy underwear and women

Sexy underwear is usually a choice of women. Women wearing sexy underwear can better express themselves and show their sexy and elegance.Putting in sex lingerie makes women feel that they are also eye -catching.


Sexy and other elements presented by sexy underwear are a kind of self -expression for women; for many men, it is a visual enjoyment.In this beautiful and complicated world, sexy underwear has given everyone different feelings. Whether women or men, sexy underwear shows different tastes and sexy, reminding us the diversity and special nature of our beauty.