Sexy underwear and underwear sanitary belt

Sexy underwear and underwear sanitary belt

Introduction to sexy underwear, underwear and sanitary belt

With the improvement of personal hygiene requirements, sexy underwear, underwear and hygiene belts have gradually become a must -have for many female friends.There are diverse types of sexy underwear. Some styles can make women feel sexy and confident, while underwear and sanitary belts can ensure that women’s hygiene and comfort during physiological periods.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear. Among them, the more common ones are lace sexy underwear, belly pocket sexy underwear, sexy tube tops, and seductive three -point underwear.The design of these underwear is very suitable for the female body curve, which not only allows women to show a self -confidence and charming side, but also enhance the feelings between husband and wife.

Types of underwear

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There are also many types of underwear, the most common of which are flat trousers and briefs.In addition, there are some personalized designs, such as T -shaped pants, thongs and super shorts.Choosing the right underwear can protect women’s privacy and make them feel comfortable.

Types of sanitary belt

There are also many different types of sanitary belts, such as cotton sanitary napkins commonly used before, close -up sanitary napkins that are more popular now, and cotton and linen sanitary napkins with more skin -friendly skin.In addition, there are repeatable menstrual cups.Different sanitary belts have their own advantages and disadvantages, and women can choose according to their needs.

Suggestions for the use of sexy underwear, underwear and sanitary belt

In order to ensure the cleanliness of sexy underwear, underwear and sanitary bands, women should choose regular channels when buying, and remember to replace it many times.At the same time, pay attention to hygiene and comfort during use, especially during the physiological period, pay special attention to prevent infection.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

When using sexy underwear, pay special attention to maintenance, and the maintenance method:

Interest underwear should use hand washing or professional laundry bags when washing to avoid wear and deformation.

Choose a mild detergent to avoid the residue of detergent and cause allergies.

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Don’t dry the sexy underwear, you should dry or dry it naturally.

Maintenance method of underwear

The maintenance method of underwear is as follows:

Underwear should also be washed with hand washing or professional washing bags to avoid damage.

Select a neutral detergent to avoid excessive cleaning damage underwear.

Underwear should be replaced frequently, regular disinfection or exposure to avoid residual germs.

Maintenance method of sanitary belt

The maintenance method of the sanitary zone is as follows:

When using sanitary bands, replace it in time, choose a sanitary zone with good breathability and replace it regularly.

The sanitary zone should not be used for a long time, and cardamom should be avoided.

The sanitary zone can be treated with disinfectant to ensure hygiene and dryness.

The applicable crowd of sexy underwear, underwear and sanitary belt

Sex underwear, underwear and sanitary belts are suitable for all women, especially women who pay attention to hygiene and comfort.In addition, the use of sexy underwear and other products in husband and wife can also increase interest and open atmosphere.


Interest underwear, underwear and sanitary belts are women’s daily necessities. Correct use and maintenance can make you spend every day more comfortably.Selecting regular channels to purchase, replacement, maintaining hygiene and comfortable use is a necessary condition for using underwear, underwear and sanitary belt.