Sexy underwear AV number picture

Sexy underwear AV number picture


Sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention in modern life, not only for meeting the needs of sexual life, but also more significance.The AV number is a way to label sex underwear. It can help enthusiasts find the product they need better. This article mainly introduces the sex of the sexy underwear AV number picture.

What is an AV number

The AV number is the only identifier of Japanese adult films. It is a unique encoding of a mixed number of letters and numbers to identify the single work of a single part.In the sexy underwear industry, the AV number is also used to identify different products.When buying a sexy underwear, you can view the product information to understand its AV number, so as to better choose the products you need.

What is the effect of AV number picture

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Fun underwear AV number picture is a identification method that allows consumers to understand the product more intuitively. It allows consumers to better choose the product they need.Consumers can check the AV number picture to understand the product style, color, fabrics, and applicable occasions, so that they can better choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

For example, AV number picture

Taking a sexy underwear "GKD-008" as an AV, the picture contains a lot of useful information.The first is the style of the product. It can be seen from the picture that this is a style of the shoulder -free strap; the second is the fabric, which is characterized by sequins material; finally there is information such as the color and sexuality of the product, which highlights the interest of this sex.The S -Class of the underwear is sexy.

AV number range of different sex underwear

In the sexy underwear industry, different types of sexy underwear have different AV numbers.For example, the number range of sexy underwear usually starts with the letter "S", and the nightdress starts with the letter "D".Therefore, for different types of sexy underwear, consumers can better understand the product type based on the identification information marked on the AV number picture.

How to find an AV number picture

There are many ways to get the AV number picture of sex underwear.Consumers can search the corresponding products directly from the purchase website, and they can find the corresponding AV number picture in the product introduction.There are also some sexy underwear brands that associate their products with the corresponding AV number to better benefit customers.

The relationship between AV number pictures and purchase channels

Many sexy underwear purchase channels will mark the AV number picture of the product.Consumers can choose a product that suits them by viewing the AV number picture.In addition, in the fun underwear purchase channels, it is also recommended to be suitable for different needs for different needs according to different consumer needs.

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Classification of AV number picture

The AV number picture can be classified according to the product type.For example, the AV number picture of the sexy nightdress is different from the AV number picture of the sexy underwear, which also allows consumers to better choose the product that suits them according to their needs.

The future of the AV number picture

In the future, the development of the fun underwear industry will become more and more mature, and the AV number picture will become more and more abundant.Consumers can use the AV number picture to learn from the purchase experience of others to better choose a sexy underwear product that suits them.

in conclusion

The relationship between the sex underwear industry and the AV number is getting closer and closer. The AV number picture allows consumers to better understand the product information, choose a product that is more suitable for you, and will become richer and richer in the future.Using AV number picture can better meet the needs of modern people for high -quality sex, bringing more good experiences.