Sexy underwear avbt

Sexy underwear avbt

AVBT Introduction

AVBT is the abbreviation of Adult Video Broadcast Television, which means "adult video radio and television."AVBT has become a very popular type of sexy underwear and often appears in adult movies and photos.


AVBT is usually made of lace, silk or other soft materials to ensure comfort and sexy.

Color and style

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AVBT has various colors and styles, from traditional black, red and purple to bolder and more bright colors, such as pink, blue and green.At the same time, they also have a variety of styles, such as bras, open crotch underwear, suspenders, etc. to meet the needs of different people.

Size and suitable body

Different styles of AVBT provide different sizes to adapt to people of various types.At the same time, many erotic underwear retailers provide various sizes of tables to help consumers choose the most suitable size.


Many AVBTs have supporting decorations, such as wigs, pantyhose and high heels.These accessories can make the entire sexy underwear more perfect, and at the same time increase the details that make men feel excited.

Precautions for cleaning and maintenance

AVBT is made of fine materials, so special attention needs to be cleaned and maintained.It is recommended to wash it instead of motor washing to avoid excessive cleaning agents and hot water, and gently rub and twist gently during washing.

Common misunderstanding

AVBT is often considered by only sex workers. However, even ordinary people can enjoy this sexy underwear.Without any rules, everyone can wear AVBT on special occasions to show their sexy and charm.

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Suitable occasion

Wearing AVBT is very suitable for celebrating special Valentine’s Day and anniversary of marriage.At the same time, it can also add fun and excitement to the husband and wife.

The best match

High -quality lace stockings and high heels are the best match for AVBT because they can increase sexy effects and overall appearance.In addition, choosing suitable makeup and hairstyles is also very important to make the entire appearance more attractive.


Putting on AVBT can make the wearer feel more sexy and confident, it can make people have stronger sexual attractiveness and charm.At the same time, wearing AVBT can also increase the intimacy between husband and wife, making the relationship more stable and pleasant.


Although AVBT is considered a sexy sexy underwear, it is suitable for people of different body and gender, and it is also suitable for different occasions.Choosing different colors and styles, with high -quality socks at the same time, can make sexy underwear more perfect.Putting on AVBT can make people more confident and sexy, while increasing the intimacy between husband and wife.