Sexy underwear back mother skirt large size picture

Sexy underwear back mother skirt large size picture

Introduce sexy underwear post -mother skirt big size pictures

The purchase of sexy underwear is a very important task for women. In addition to considering comfort, style, and quality, it is actually important in terms of size and size. In particular, So large -size sexy underwear is quite necessary.One of the very popular large -size sexy underwear is a step -mother skirt.

The style characteristics of the stepmother skirt

The stepmother’s skirt is a more sexy sexy underwear. Its style and name are reminiscent of the seductive "stepmother".The design of this sexy underwear is very sophisticated. It has a short skirt similar to a mini skirt. At the same time, it will directly connect to a longer sock cover, making women more elegant and elegant when wearing, and the visual effects of the whole person will be more embarrassing.This kind of stepmother skirt in large -size sexy underwear is still more common, so that plump women can also wear sexy underwear.

The material of the stepmother skirt

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The material of the stepmother’s skirt also needs to be considered. Generally, the lace material is used.The fabric of this material is very soft and makes people feel very comfortable.In addition, the stepmother’s skirts are large and sexy underwear will also use Modal, spandex, cotton and other fabrics. These fabrics have very good breathability and are more close to wear.

The color matching of the stepmother skirt

When considering the color matching of the stepmother skirt, the dark color should be the first choice of women.Dark blue, red, black and other colors are very suitable for women.In addition, you can also choose different colors according to your personal preference, such as pink, purple and so on.

The size of the stepmother skirt

How to choose the right step -mother skirt big -size sexy underwear? At this time, you need to choose according to your body size.Generally speaking, the size of sexy underwear is relatively small, so women should choose a sexy underwear with a size larger size than the normal size.In addition, it should be noted that the size of the appropriate pants waist and pants feet should be selected to avoid discomfort.

Way of matching

Houma skirts are like other underwear, and they need to be worn with jackets.Female friends can choose long trench coats, thin jackets or windproof coats.If you want to be more sexy, you can choose a deep V -neck T -shirt or back -back top to match.

Cleaning and maintenance method

The material of sexy underwear is special, so you need to pay special attention when cleaning. It is best to wash it by hand and not use too hot water to clean it.In addition, you need to use a laundry solution or detergent for cleaning, and no bleach can be used.When drying, it is best to choose a cool, ventilated place, and do not directly expose to the sun.In addition, it is also necessary to put it in a dust -proof bag during storage to prevent external dust from pollution.

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suitable occasion

The step -mother skirts need to pay attention to the occasion of large -size sexy underwear. It is best to wear it in some more private or romantic occasions.For example, at home, it is very suitable to wear romantic time, Valentine’s Day and other occasions.

Price range

The price interval of a step-mother skirt large-size sexy underwear is generally between 50 yuan and 200 yuan, which is related to factors such as brands, materials, and styles.The price of some brands of sexy underwear will be relatively high, but the quality will be superior.


All in all, the step -mother skirt big -size sexy underwear is very suitable for full women. It can not only show the sexy charm of women, but also make women more confident when wearing.Of course, you also need to pay attention to the size selection, material and price in order to buy it before you can buy your own sexy underwear.