Sexy underwear being tuned videos

Sexy underwear being tuned videos

Sexuria underwear

As a sexual game, tuning is also widely used in the field of sexy underwear, and tuning videos have attracted much attention.The following will analyze the tuning video of sexy underwear from the three dimensions of training underwear, tuning videos, and training.

Tuning underwear

Training underwear includes various sexy, costumes, restraint and exposed meat, while at the same time, it is rich in expressiveness, which is often used in sex games and sex.Common tuning underwear includes leather, rubber, plastic, net eye, fish net and other types.When wearing these underwear, women can feel unique visual and tactile stimuli, and enhance sexual experience.

Tuning video

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Tuning video, as a form of expressiveness, is even more exciting.The training video is basically in some specific scenarios, with specific costumes and plots for interpretation. At the same time, the actors in the video began to have some iron ornaments or perform some adventure -type activities to obtain more thrilling stimuli.a feeling of.

Tuning process

The training process is roughly divided into the following stages, including the different stages such as slavery, beating, and being controlled. Each stage has corresponding characteristics.

During the slavery stage: accompanied by various professional slavery sex products and toys, let women enter a unreal emotional state.

During the scolding stage: cooperate with specific scolding behaviors to make women feel pain and humiliation, and prepare for the subsequent training.

During the control stage: the movement and actions of women’s love through sound, gestures, or props are completely controlled to fully control women.

Risk of tuning

Training has an important position in sex games and sex, but there is also risk.Because you need to establish a more trustworthy relationship with your partner, and continuously improve in practice, and constantly determine the degree of pain and pleasure to avoid being too adventurous, causing physical or psychological trauma.

Positive meaning of training

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The correct training behavior can not only increase your pleasure, make your life full of freshness, but also help you break the traditional and tedious constraints, making your sexual experience richer and extensive.


When training, pay attention to your body, mood and health, especially women, and pay attention to the security issues of private parts.At the same time, it is also necessary to follow the preferences of both parties during the training process, not to meet their wishes blindly, and ignore the feelings of the other party, otherwise it will damage the relationship and even destroy feelings.

Suitable crowd

Tuning is a more high -level sex game. When adopting, you must have rich experience accumulation in order to play the effect it contains.At the same time, reasonable communication is needed, and the safety of toys and props need to be determined to avoid accidental damage.

Suggestions for sex experience

When playing in sex games, pay attention to your mentality and physical condition.It is recommended to use a variety of ways to increase pleasure, such as using tuning in the situation, proper scolding and touch stimulus, and pay attention to psychological adjustment, including comprehensive factors such as emotion, emotions, and physical fitness.


As a unique sex game, sexy underwear is tuned, allowing people to experience more excitement and pleasure in the process of sex.However, you need to pay special attention to your physical condition and mental health, and make this game reasonably and safely in order to achieve more gorgeous results.