Sexy underwear designer novels

Sexy underwear designer novels

1. First enter the sex underwear design industry

I liked to paint since I was a child, and I have always wanted to be a fashion designer.But when I walked into the first fashion company, I was arranged to a department I have never heard of, that is, the sexy underwear design department.

2. Explore different styles and brands

At the beginning, I didn’t know that sexy underwear could be divided into so many styles and brands.As a result, I started to explore various styles and brands in the market in order to better understand the industry.

3. Sexy, cute and amazing

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In my observation, sexy, cute and stunning are the three leading styles of sexy underwear.Sexy underwear is mainly to expose women’s body as the main selling point, cute underwear is mainly cute and warm design, while stunning types are mainly based on unique lines and design visual impact.

4. Differences of the use of different materials

In sexy underwear, the use of different materials is also very important.For example, the use of silk and lace materials can increase the softness of women; and the use of plastic and leather materials can highlight the toughness and unrestrained sense of clothes.

5. The difference in sexy underwear in Europe and the United States and Asia

During my work, I also found that the design of sexy underwear in Europe and the United States and Asia is also very different.European and American sexy underwear is unique and sexy, and mostly dark colors such as black and red; while Asian sexy underwear is more pink and light -colored, more cute.

6. The difference between women’s underwear and men’s underwear

The difference between women’s underwear and men’s underwear is also obvious.Women’s underwear is always mainly exposed to the body’s selling point, while men’s underwear highlights the lines of men and the health image of men.

7. Falling underwear wear and match

The dressing and matching of sexy underwear is also one of the focus of the design.Sexy sexy underwear can be paired with high heels to increase the noble atmosphere of women; while cute sexy underwear can be paired with flat shoes to increase the cuteness.


8. How to use color

The use of color is also an important factor in sexy underwear design.For example, red represents sexy and emotion, pink shows cuteness and softness, and black reflects mystery.

9. The importance of innovative design

In this industry, innovative design is also very important.A unique and novel design can attract high attention in the market.Therefore, I constantly think about new design concepts and matching methods.

10. The self -confidence and charm of sexy underwear to women

Overall, the design of sexy underwear can bring confidence and charm to women.No matter what style and material erotic underwear, you can become the best decorations of women through meet the needs of women.

In my opinion, it is not easy to be a sexy underwear designer, but it is a challenging and wonderful profession.It requires us to continue to innovate thinking, meet the needs of the market, and use design to bring more confidence and charm to women.