Sexy underwear display method drawings

Sexy underwear display method drawings


Interest underwear is a must -have for personal charm and adding fun.But how to show underwear beautifully has become a concern for many people with sexy underwear.The following will introduce how to display the drawing of sexy underwear to make it easier to display underwear.

Look for inspiration

If you want to make a successful sexy underwear display method drawing, you must be creative and inspired.You can find some pictures and videos displayed on the Internet on the Internet and get inspiration from it.In addition, go to the sex products store to observe a variety of underwear display methods and styles on the spot, which is also a good source of creativity.

Choose suitable tool software

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It is important to choose a tool software that is suitable for you.You can choose Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch or other similar software.If you are not familiar with these software, you can choose some online production websites, such as CACOO and LucidChart.These tools can save time and energy of making drawings.

Determine the display form

Before making sexy underwear display methods, the display form is required.You can choose a variety of forms such as pictures or videos, and choose different display methods according to different scenarios.

Choose underwear style

Different underwear styles require different display methods.Therefore, before making drawings, you need to choose the underwear style.For example, adults are sexy underwear, sexual feelings, sexy lingerie, European and American underwear, etc. Each underwear style requires different display methods.

Consider color matching and style

When setting the display method, pay attention to color matching and style.Do not choose the color that does not match the underwear style and the main color, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.You can choose the colors that are similar to the main color of the underwear to highlight the characteristics of underwear.

Consider the display method

Different underwear requires different display methods.Before making drawings, you need to consider the location and display method of display.For example, sexy underwear can be used by hand, European and American sexy underwear can be displayed in vases.

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Use the picture physical model

When making drawings, you can use the picture physical model.Paste the underwear on the model to show the characteristics and styles of underwear more authentic.The drawings made in this way are more visualized and easier to attract the attention of the audience.

Add patterns and text

When making drawings, you can also add some patterns and text.You can add some decorative patterns to the picture to highlight the characteristics of underwear, and you can also add description text to make people more intuitive understanding the characteristics and usage of underwear.


Making sexy underwear display drawings needs to be considered from multiple aspects, including color matching, style, display method, etc.By making drawings, the underwear can be displayed more vivid, helping people better understand the underwear and enhance the willingness to buy.


Fun underwear display method drawings are important means of underwear sales and manufacturers’ promotion.Through the production of drawings, the display effect of the underwear has become more intuitive and vivid, attracting the attention of the audience.Therefore, the production of sexy underwear display methods should pay more and more attention to provide better help for sales and promotion.