Sexy underwear exposes PLAY

Sexy underwear exposes PLAY

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has an irreplaceable role in enhancing women’s charm, flirting, and enhancement.And sexy underwear shows Play a different kind of sexy experience.This article will explore the various types of Play, suitable for the crowd, and how to match Play correctly.

2. Midy sexy underwear exposes PLAY

The teasing erotic underwear reveals Play emphasis on the visual effects of whiteness and sorrow, suitable for women with thin body, fair skin, and small breasts.When matching, you can choose high waist stockings or T -shaped pants.

3. Queen’s sexy underwear shows Play

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The queen -type erotic underwear exposes Play emphasizing the noble, domineering, and feminine charm, suitable for women with full, beautiful lines, and full breasts.When matching, you can choose high heels or leather whip.

4. Balanced sexy underwear exposes PLAY

Balanced erotic underwear reveals Play emphasizing the balance of balance, suitable for women with medium -sized and well -developed breasts.When matching, you can choose a small hat or red lip makeup.

5. Light sexy underwear exposes PLAY

The light sexy underwear exposes Play emphasizing fresh, natural, and elegant temperament, suitable for women with slimming, small chest shapes, and beautiful temperament.When matching, you can choose transparent stockings or light makeup.

6. Large -scale sexy underwear exposes PLAY

Large -scale erotic underwear reveals Play emphasizing sexy, strong, and looming, suitable for women with hot body, full chest, and tall hips.When matching, you can choose a bow, hollow or strap.

7. Dressing skills

No matter what type of sexy underwear to show Play, you need to pay attention to the following wearing skills.First of all, choose the right size, and you should not wear it too tightly or too loose.Secondly, it is necessary to match all kinds of underwear that suits you, such as chest pads or safety pants to avoid excessive exposure.Finally, pay attention to personal posture and posture to shape a beautiful curve.

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8. Summary

Fun underwear shows PLAY is a very special way of dressing. You must choose the type that suits you, pay attention to wearing skills and private hygiene.If it is properly matched, it can increase charm and interest, making women more confident, elegant and sexy.

9. Tips

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear, you can also try some auxiliary toys to increase interest.For example, an airplane cup, vibration stick, etc. with your partner.Of course, before use, be careful to prepare for your own health and safety.

10. Flexible use

Fun underwear can be used in various occasions. It can not only increase the interests and fun between husband and wife, but also wear party, dance and other occasions to show their charm and sexy.However, pay attention to the differences and requirements of the occasion during use, and don’t be too presumptuous.