Sexy underwear for the predecessor

Sexy underwear for the predecessor

Paragraph 1: Let’s explain a little first

When you break up with your predecessor, you may hesitate to throw away the sexy underwear you buy together.What should you do in this case?In fact, you have a variety of choices, but it depends on your willingness to maintain a good relationship with his predecessor.

Paragraph 2: If you still keep in touch

If you still keep in touch with your predecessor, you may not want to throw away early investment.At this time, you can consider sending back sex underwear, but please note that this is not a way to recover feelings.This just means that you respect each other and don’t want her to regret it for losing this dress.

Duan 3: If you become friends

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If you become friends, you may wish to ask her opinion on sexy underwear.Maybe she is funny about the items shared between you, or you can choose to re -use them in some way.

Paragraph 4: Crush them

If you think you need to be relieved from your predecessor, don’t hesitate to destroy sexy underwear.After all, many people want to solve the past, which is a comfortable way to do it.

Paragraph 5: See you to the trash can

If sexy underwear is not an expensive limited edition, and it will not make people feel very wasteful, then you can also choose to throw them away directly.This is the simplest and most harmless way, but you need to pay attention to protecting your privacy together.

Paragraph 6: Donation

You can also choose to donate sex underwear, after all, they are new, or they are not worn or damaged.This can be used as a way between you and your predecessor, and at the same time, your donations have a positive impact on others.

Paragraph 7: Re -use them

When you consider how to make better use of sexy underwear, you can get some inspiration from the sense of their original representatives.For example, use them as performance clothing, find some special clothes for the next party, or take them in privatized photos.

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Paragraph 8: Abandoning the psychology

Don’t let your psychological "echo" tell you that sexy underwear is the only symbol of your relationship.Although sexy underwear may remind you of your romantic time with your predecessor, you will never be bound by it.You need freedom, try new things, and share new sex experience with newcomers.

Paragraph Nine: Expert Suggestions

Interesting underwear experts suggest that if you have the ability to re -customize these sexy underwear, you can consider remake them into useful small objects to use.For example, the particularly beautiful bras can be used as a mask.Lace … can be made into a envelope to preserve your contact letters or love letters.

Paragraph 10: conclusion

In short, when you consider how to deal with your predecessor’s sexy underwear, you should calm down and think about the relationship between you.You should think about their meaning to you. If you think you need to let them disappear, then let them disappear.If you think they can re -use or donate to charity, then do it.Most importantly, don’t let them be anything to restrict you, but let them bring you happy and beautiful memories.